【ENORN】 Free 3rd party services and Alliance/Corp Creation

Norn has held north of 3 trillion isk worth of my assets and I’ve never had a problem. The most trustworthy 3rd party still playing.

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I’m just here to hold items as collateral for loans, and provide other services that require a trusted mediator. I generally don’t loan people ISK, and if I did then they’d generally need collateral.

Alright I’ll check back with you if I find someone who can give me a loan thanks for the info.

Need an alliance created. Cost and availability?

I don’t charge a fee so just the 1b CCP charges to create an alliance, mail me when you’re ready to create the alliance. Also, check the MOTD of my in-game chat channel “Nornhub” for specific instructions.

Is Nornhub safe for work?

That depends on where you work I guess.

I used Enorn for 2 3rd party transactions involving dozens of structures and a decent amount of isk in the past day. Always a pleasure to work with Norn.

Highly Recommended

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Friendly, helpful and honest! Even when I was having issues, slowing down the process, she informed me of UI silliness that was causing the problem.

My Orca is safe and sound, the pennies are all in the ashtray and she didn’t even change radio stations!

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Hello, I am looking to create an alliance, can you contact me?

Just completed a multiple structure sale using Elizabeth as the third party service. Fast, easy, trustworthy, and I will definitely be using the service in the future. Thank you!

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Howdy E_Norn

I’m selling a structure at the moment.

If the purchaser agrees would you be willing to act as a third party for the transfer?

My proposed flow is as follows (open to suggestions)

  • Buyer sends you 1660m
  • I transfer the structure to the buyer’s corporation, using screen capture software
  • Buyer then contacts you saying “all good” or “there’s a dispute”
  • On an “all good” you send me the funds
  • If there’s a dispute I provide you footage and you then make a final call on where the funds go.

@Yaco_Yukutava would you accept E-Norn as a third party? I’m not affilitiated with him beyond being in a couple of chat rooms. E-Norn has been in a position to steal a trillion ISK before and did not take it.

I agree to these terms, I will send isk once Elizabeth Norn confirms. I would ask that the structure is transferred to my alt s3v3n7.

Many thanks

Structures in space must be transferred to a corporation, not an individual. You can set one up for the princely sum of 1.5 million ISK if needed.

A mail has been sent with corporation details to transfer to.

My side of transfer done, awaiting your next login so you can confirm the purchase is as expected.

Thanks E-Norn. I recommend your service.

Bought a refinery using Elizabeth as 3rd party on short notice. Went smoothly, I recommend.

Got an alliance created by Elizabeth. Super quick and super easy, highly recommend!

Elizabeth created our alliance today. Everything went quick and smooth. Don’t forget to leave a tip!