Aryan Aryaie paid his debt (but not on time)

Can be closed.

Send me money.

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I’ll double it in a week

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If you give me 400m I promise I won’t return it.

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I will hunt this Aryan villian for a one-time processing fee of 100 million isk.


Can I have some ISK? The prescription for these glasses is pretty expensive.

Okay, i lied, it’s the designer frames. I guess I’m not going to get my ISK now.

Red flags right there.

I loaned a guy 2bil once. I thankfully got it back sadly with no interest. Ever since I don’t really loan people money. Live you learn at least it was only 400mil. God knows why he would want a random 400mil XD
If I see him in incursions, I’ll definitely alert my henchmen. All god knows he is just some scammer alt.

Im astonished that “loans” and “banks” are even a thing in EvE.

Loans to random people without collateral?

I don’t see why people would set themselves up to be scammed that way.

Loans of ships to corporation members and/or friends? Happens a lot.


Some people are credible, others are not credible, but my mom says I’m incredible.

An incredible disappointment.


Not really random, that person is kinda known to me, for quite some time, but his credibility now disapeared.

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Thats what i mean. At this point EvE is well known for the style of gameplay it allowes and encourages.

If “dont fly what you cant lose” is a thing, the very real life adage “loaned money is spent.” should apply.

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Seriously ? You ‘loaned’ 100m ISK to some random stranger who approached…in Eve of all places ? And then 400m ISK a week later ?

It’s the classic Eve scam. At a place like Jita you are even warned about such scams every few minutes.

There is an old Eve proverb… " Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day. Give a man 400m ISK, and you will never see it again "

There is a huge difference when someone asks for 100m ISK or if when someone depands 100m ISK

If Princess had of asked for 100m ISK I would have refused, but being a scared little carebear I could have folded if they had of applied some pressure.


I found Aryan Aryaie for you.
From: Mekamireki Fedas
Sent: 2022.04.20 21:33

I’ve found your scumsucker.

He is at Groothese X - Moon 6 - Combined Harvest Warehouse station in the Groothese system, Marele constellation of Everyshore region.

With regards,

Mekamireki Fedas

Send me one billion ISK or I will reveal your dirty little secret to the entire community. Yes, the one from 2013.

/quote; “Send me one billion ISK” DO IT! I am not scared of you!

You are not my Princess!

Ahh that this still happens in 2022 warms my soul.

Good job Aryan.

As did your money

Did you receive your isk? I may have sent it to the wrong account.

Send it to me, will make sure she gets it. Don’t forget to add a 10% admin fee.