I got scam tonight good I've been playing the game about 2 years and I've never been scammed that hard and fast

I was trying to get back into NS and I jumped into the recruiting Channel like an idiot one of the waffles recruiters once again I won’t mention names send me a conversation invite and said for 400 million because I could not get jackknife working he would do manual application fee okay whatever 400 Millions like a few bucks honestly because I buy a good bit of plex no big deal so basically we go back and forth for a little while he come back his boss who is the head goon waffles says he wants 1.5 billion because I’ve lost 19 billion of ships that’s where I said nope can’t happen I don’t have the operating Capital right now regardless if I had it or I didn’t I would never give someone I don’t know 1.5 billion although if you realize a billion isk really comes down to about 11 bucks $11.98 I think was my last Lost if you look at the kill boards and you have her at the bottom it tells you what it was USD I find it quite amusing that someone thinks I’m that stupid I was stupid enough to give you 400 million I’m not going to give you 1.5 billion so I’ll say this buddy good play just put it out there for the world’s now be careful when you try to join an Ns organization because a few of them could be really scumbags and I’m not saying all of them are but that individual taught me a valuable lesson thank you


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thank you

Unless it’s someone you played with a long time don’t hand them isk or assets no matter the reason.
Even those you trust don’t trust fully

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Yep I learned that the hard way

Almost everyone falls for some tiny scam once in my case was mistaking a B for an M and buying an item for a few bilion instead of few million. I myself did scam other players over the course of my time in EVE for maybe all in all 50 bil but that’s stretching over 10 years just random ‘oportunities’.

For f@@k sake… use PUNCTUATION.

You sound like a crack addict trying to say everything in one breath.

Who knows what u r trying to say


The person who got me in nul was someone I meet along time ago.
He helped me when I struggled on lvl4 missions, and when I did my first wormhole day trip he joined without blowing me up.
So when he offered I took it, havnt looked back.

On a side note, almost all scams are aimed at vets, not new players.


Welcome to EVE! :slight_smile:


I’m sorry you got scammed, sir. You should have spoken to a certified credible Goonwaffles recruiter like myself. Contact me in game and I’ll get you sorted out.

I actually passed out reading that due to no punctuation. Luckily my work colleagues had some first aid training and were able to revive me…


Glad you can take it in stride OP. I don’t understand how Eve players can scam each other like this lol



Holy run on sentence Batman…

It probably wasnt a scam and you just wouldnt stop typing and never used periods full stop head on into uedama traffic with a cyno ready to be lit to jump all my stuff to nullsec here have 400 million its nothing i buy madd plex with one swift chest flex wheres my period button ohwait i dont care anyway light the cyno how do you do a barral roll is eve real this cant be happening to only me i bet you didnt even wait for it wait for it ok im all done


You were so close. If you had only shown full faith, you could have gotten into GSF. These actually aren’t scams, they’re a test of faith. The Mittani (peace be upon him) doesn’t want people who can’t trust GSF in his alliance. I’m sure if you reach out to your recruitment contact, you can salvage the situation and get in easily. :slight_smile:




They didn’t let you in because they only accept people with punctuation.


If they are goons or goon allies you shouldn’t be trying to join them anyway.

That lack of conscious thoughts is scary.