RE: NPE/Alpha Retention. Time to Stop the Scams?

I help many Alphas.

Many have told me that they dont Upgrade to omega and they Quit due to the SCAM CULTURE of eve.

Ponzi schemes, Bernie Maddow, EQUIFAX breach, identity theft, Hillary Clinton Email hack, nigerian price scam, Email Fishing, etc etc etc

Look its 2017, Cyber Security is NO JOKE.

Yet we make a game of it in this game???

Scams are NOT a game and I HAVE PROOF that many many hundred Alpha/Mew players have either quit or Decided NOT to omega upgrade SOLEY ONLY SPECIFICLY due to…


So if ccp csm and the playerbase is really worried about Alphas and Noobs.

Isnt it time to BAN THE SCAMS?


Two solutions:

  1. Don’t trust anyone
  2. HTFU

Nobody is worried about Alphas and Noobs. If they can’t handle scams, then they probably aren’t ready for PVP. Or Eve.


Step 1: Fly To Jita
Step 2: Ignore Local
Step 3: Buy stuff off the market
Step 4: Win

It’s not hard to avoid scammers…


Post your proof then. All of it.


Not true. Newbros are pikachus just watching and waiting to evolve into what? Some kind of horrible nasty thing. This is no time to get lazy and complacent.


Always remember.


It’s not possible to get rid of scam (culture)
But what is possible are counter measures against these activities to protect unaware and vulnerable players in most what is possible, but inside ccp development nothing has decided to do something about it yet.
They are even being seen as part of the eve online universe.
Sometimes they are even given more opportunities with new game implementations, because they also don’t do minor hotfixes on stuff when it’s seen sometimes new stuff is being heavily exploited by scams.
Stopping giving them opportunities is one thing let alone backtracking scamming in particular.
The scam community is being seen as part of the ‘wonderful eve’ universe, even if it cost you 100k active players you still have something to brag about having an unique game world full of something which is unique in games.
But I agree, the scam culture like this for example is a disease, but you can’t stop it only reduce it.

Lol literally for the past MONTHS the entire Agency thing, this upcoming balance pass (2st balance in MONTHS), future hisec group pve dungeon thing…

AKA basically EVERYTHING ccp has done recently and future besides skins and some citadels has been about “CARING ABOUT ALPHAS AND BOOBS”

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TBH Persifonne, your first sentence had me laughing hard.

I would imagine that their first taste of being scammed comes from you…and thats perfectly fine.

Lol this thread.


When I started the PVP with loss and the scamming, intrigue, piracy, etc made me want to sub.

I didn’t want a boring foofy game like all the others. I don’t even scam people myself, but I still like that the game has those aspects to make it interesting.

The difference between some people is this:
Some people cry because they were scammed/ganked/PVPd etc and don’t learn.
Others learn to protect themselves.
Others have it happen to them, and think “Wow how can I learn to do this myself?!”

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Personally, I think CCP should add a new skill to the game so that players could sue scam contracts for False Advertisement. I’m talking about contracts that say ‘Full set of +5 Implants’ when there’s actually only a couple of them contained in the contract. Or contracts that say ‘Faction Ship’ when it’s actually a T1 ship, etc.

New skill = Legal Proceedings:

This skill allows a lawyer to sue one previously flagged contract once every 24 hours for False Advertisement per level. Each level trained would allow the ability to sue another previously flagged contract plus add another 10% to the settlement fee. The settlement fee is a percentage of the contract price to be removed from the wallet of the contract owner. If the owner of the flagged contract doesn’t have enough isk to pay the settlement fee, any remaining isk in the contract owners wallet is removed as settlement fee and the contract is then removed from public view.

Level 1 = ability to sue 1 previously flagged contract every 24 hours for 20% of the contract price.
Level 2 = ability to sue 2 previously flagged contracts every 24 hours for 30% of the contract price.
Level 3 = ability to sue 3 previously flagged contracts every 24 hours for 40% of the contract price.
Level 4 = ability to sue 4 previously flagged contracts every 24 hours for 50% of the contract price.
Level 5 = ability to sue 5 previously flagged contracts every 24 hours for 60% of the contract price and special ability.

Special Ability:
Legal Proceedings Level 5 grants the Lawyer legal authority to be Judge, Jury and Executioner allowing him to ‘Flag’ one different contract every 24 hours for False Advertisement. That contract would then need to be ratified or flagged by 2 other level 5 Lawyers to enable Legal Proceedings against the contract, thus enforcing the 3 strike rule.

Joseph ‘Judge’ Dread

*DeMichael Crimson silently embarks on the “long walk” from Mega-City One , a tradition in which a retiring Judge ventures into the “Cursed Earth” wasteland “to bring law to the lawless”.


a minority of people is scamming.

stop blowing ■■■■ out of proportions, camtroll.

Until I saw that I thought this was a troll post.

At that point, I knew it.

+1 shiptoasting point for you, kind sir/madam


Like everything but the last part about being able to flag contracts with ratification of 2 other level 5’s.
Very quickly it would devolve into a player and his alts flagging competitors’ valid contracts, or more likely, it would be used as another griefing tool.

The simple answer is that CCP simply ban all scamming. I realize that with bots in Jita, that is problematic. But CCP can easily ban IP’s, or supposedly, ban based on unique PC identifiers.

But CCP will never ban scamming, because management wrongly assumes that subs would go down.

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Came here for some quality salt, left disappointed. 4/10 Wouldn’t read again


Good point, didn’t think of that aspect. Probably be too tough to code it so that valid contracts couldn’t be flagged.

Or, just make information about scamming and what to look out for more visible as information so that new players can be informed about what to look out for. That way, as long as they decide to read the information there should be less of a chance that they fall for scams.

Also if the general consensus is that the majority of the scams are A: in jita and B: are from bots then why are CCP not investigating and banning those accounts if the use of bots is not allowed.


The players dumb enough to fall for those scams are also dumb enough to be decent EVE material. No loss there.


Nope. Caveat emptor.

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That one is against the ToS.

For the rest, it’s basically lying to get an edge. Do you suggest banning lies? If so, how do you propose doing that?

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