When EVE goes too far and its time to call it a day after 14 years

Yes we got scammed by Hard Knocks for tune of 19b allowing their own people to scam potential renters.
All seemed legit. So yeah just watch out

BUT when a close friend decides to quit the game because of it then it becomes not funny anymore, and genuinely pisses me off, and you know maybe after 14 years its time to pack up too…

Ive seen and done it all, but there has always been a dark side and sinister side of eve that just doesn’t sit well with me. We have seen it many times, where people have been mentally tortured to part with ISK, or led into false security to part with ISK. I mean what type of sick people do that just for in game currency?

Now fine scamming is in game but its become so prevalent its scary, when it effects people in RL its becomes not funny anymore, even worse when the people that scam are just sat their laughing thinking its funny that a person feels so low to quit the game, and that’s what they did to my friend. Enough is Enough

Its sick and twisted behaviour that I can no longer sit back and think is OK

I cant personally continue to play a game and give money to people that harbour such weird, sadistic people anymore. If they are like this in game they are surely the same out of game.

I don’t think I have ever seen any game ever be like this, this isn’t a awesome corp scam this is someone personally taking someones trust and effectively stealing from them… and then affecting them so much they quit. Its not acceptable anymore.

saddens me to say but time to bow out


Giv stuff :slight_smile:


This isn’t something new, if you are quitting because you got scammed this game isn’t for you. Natural selection!


If I were you I would contact one of the HK Directors. I can’t imagine they would want their corp’s name to be dragged through the mud over this.

I know they have previously issued refunds to people who have been scammed and kicked the scammers from HK.

I agree with you this sort of thing really isn’t on. Personally I have never had a problem with renting from HK.

Wormholer BTW

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They didn’t care and just laughed. There you go and that was from the director

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Please read properly before putting foot in mouth.

And no if this type of behaviour is OK then no eve is no longer for me


Lets just say it shouldn’t have taken you 14 years to learn that scamming is okay in eve, but I guess now you know. Have you ever been to jita? How about that article about the GHSC doing a big corp theft and they even ganked the CEO, that probably came out about 14 years ago, that was the first time I ever heard of eve.

I’d ask for your stuff, but I’d guess HK has it all.


Always a shame to see people quit but this kind of thing is (and always has been) a part of what makes EVE, well… EVE.

Scam someback back to the tune of 29bil perhaps?


Pretty standard EvE behavior, always has been - its what makes it the game it is, but is also why it has scared off most of the high sec sub payers and therefore its decline in player numbers…

Still, you can always give me the rest of your stuff, in the full and open knowledge that you wont get it back :slight_smile:

I think this is just terrible, it is a black eye on EVE and you have every right to be mad.

Also, you should give your stuff to me, not those other guys who were mean to you.

I’m gonna reveal the truth about this story here too:

His mate tried to ■■■■ us over and we figured it out and took action.

I was kind enough to give him the entrance and access to the citadels before he paid all of it. He then rolled out one of my scanning characters not knowing i had a backup scanner in there. After i confronted him about it he paid the rest and tried to “fix” it. I was fed up with him and decided to end this. This is basically it. Now his mate is trying to screw with us.

We have many happy customers, people know the truth.

Sincerely, Head of HKs wormhole sale and rental customer service
sHanQ Myteia


Glorious. Threads like this are why I play Eve. Congrats to the scammers on a good score.


Oh yeah, can I have OP’s stuff?

show the logs?

I have proof

snip Removed Chat Logs ~Buldath snip

hey i got my isk back, sadly a person has quit, well done

wanna buy a c6 for real? 19b, lets go

No need to post those fakes here too, nobody believed your stuff on reddit either.

People are smart enough to figure out you’re just trying to ruin a great opportunity for people to get into high class w-space

Mmm spicy :popcorn:

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oh and tib is my other main, also

i was in chat when all the money was sent…to Kahzeen

snip Removed Chat Logs Buldath snip

after the scam i got this

ust sent you 12b. it was a scam.
i need 7 days to finish up in my c3 and i’m out
sry man, i’m just too old for this ■■■■ it seems.
the same things that make eve great, also make it suck sometimes and i’m just not cut out for it anymore

he gave me back 12b, so nice try to cover up

With that post you just confessed your attempt to screw with us.

lol fakes,ill take a screen shot…

Crime and Punishment, please.

–Gadget can suggest a good space lawyer