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Sounds like its your own fault. Trust is everything in EVE and you tried to scam Hard Knocks by only paying 5b instead of 7b.

You cannot be trusted and therefore shouldn’t expect that HK should rent to you.


I did not rent a system… and pay for joining the alliance. And yes I gave 7 billion

…is screaming its defense.


Edit : I forgot to add : :rofl::joy::rofl::joy::rofl::joy::rofl::joy::rofl::joy::rofl::joy::rofl::joy::rofl::joy::rofl::joy::rofl::joy::rofl::joy::rofl::joy:


You try again to damage our reputation. You are a confirmed spy, and a pretty stupid one at that. o/


don’t forget to wear a foil hat…the head of the empire should look that way!

Scam Scam Scam

Did they ask you to submit API tokens or anything? perhaps you have missed a step in their processes and they deemed you a potential scammer or security risk? Are you sure that wasn’t just a down payment and the guy is on holiday so unable to seal deal? It seems too cheap, in many instances a security deposit is required to cover the cost of structures.

I’ve known many individuals successfully rent wormholes like this, but you should always read the fine print and follow the processes 100%, and answer truthfully etc…

I hope this gets resolved promptly, if you are looking for a system still, you can find a broker or contact most high class groups and there would be some to sell to you. I have a few systems I will be looking at selling also. Feel free to message me, my prices are fair.

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Possibly a language barrier issue. In any case best of luck and if on the lookout for a system (c5 and less risk than c6), hit me up.

there is no barrier. that’s all scam. they think all around are fools.

this is hilarious, thanks for the comedy gold


sitting crying

Wow yea I don’t think anyone would try rent from hard knocks again didn’t even refund, so bad LOL.

this scam is well known and goes on since years… he often creates new chars and act with alts like he can proofe the rentals and the “programm” even on other plattforms like reddit…

sometimes even let the “customer” come into a WH and kill them later

the google doc

ist from 02.12.2017
you can find several reddit threads and stuff

the whole stuff seems based on a “april fool” from 2015

and got a dynamic since them…

i talked with the player who do this and he make easy 10-30b per month with this

yes its 100% legit scam


I really like the “We screwed up, but we’ll be happy to investigate the problem for a 5B investigation fee.” Good Lord, do people actually fall for this sort of thing?

I am constantly astounded by how many people do not have a functioning BS detector.


A reddit post with overwhelming positive comments to our program, a fake copycat rental sheet (of which there are dozens) and an april fools joke before the inception of our program. Nothing here is remotely indicative of foul play on the part of HK. Just some standard internet trolling and jealousy. Do gooder please.


q.e.d. :stuck_out_tongue:

by the way… hi sHanQ Myteia

Dude u gotta follow the correct guidelines and rules. Iv been a C6 mag renter for 6 months now and HK have been such a pleasure to do business with. Some of my Kspace buddies are interested in getting a wormhole for themselves too in the near future, They helped me with how to run the sites, fits to use and any time i needed help with hostiles, HK did as they promised.
Good sort that group!



6 month? Scam Scam Scam