Do not buy anything from this person!

Just been scammed 10bil for a wormhole sale from this toon. Aurora Rouvenor

Do not trust!!


Did you trade window a wormhole?


What could possibly of been in that wormhole to be worth 10billion?

Structures, maybe a nice static or effect.

@OP Shame you got scammed. Better luck next time?

We need a story.

In Crime and Punishment would be good, but this forum could do with a good thread too, so feel free to provide the details.

An accusation has been made, but so far no evidence.

This could easily be a case of the OP throwing mud on an innocent capsuleer.

10bil for a whole and no third party, what did you expect?

HAHA a fool and his isk are easily parted.

Well played seller.

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