Wormholes for Sale


his guy is a scammer.

I messaged him in-game and told him that I was interested in one of the listings in his spreadsheet. After a little back & forth, we settled on a 50/50 payment. I’d pay him 50% to get into the wormhole, then the other 50% to have the structures transferred to me.

He kept putting me off as far as meeting up in a system to do this. He said “Sorry for not being able play, life is kicking me in the nuts rn lol.” That’s verbatim from one of his emails. I understand that life gets in the way, so I decided to send him 500mil as a deposit to hold the listing. Told him on 2020.01.23 at 01:27 (last Thursday as of this post) that I’d check back with him on Sunday, 2020.01.26. Emailed him on the Sunday and never heard back from him. I was, as I am with EVERYTHING in Eve, suspicious of him but decided to give him the benefit of the doubt. So… 500mil poorer and definitely have a tiny bit more cynical view of human nature.

For those of you reading this tale of woe #firstworldproblems don’t trust the dude…

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