New Bros were Scamed

I do not know what to really say the Title says it all Our corp got 10.5bil isk stolen but I do not Care about that he and his Brother took the money or how they even got the perms to do so. It is the fact once I logged off for the night he started scamming all our Alpha’s players and telling them to go buy 500 plex for 20$ and he will flip it to make 7bil.

So some of them did that but when I woke up I started getting messages about him and his Brother doing this. So I got on quickly and posted up mail to everyone telling them not to trust him and his Brother but the Damage was Done already he made 6.8bil off the New Players. Since I do not know if this is Bannable. I will warn you guys do not Trust Eamonn de Valera and Nanonoko Charen-Teng.

File a ticket. Scamming this way (telling ppl to buy plex for $$) is likely against the rulez.


I am trying to get the players in my corp to send me there chat logs before I do that cause other wise ccp will not take a look at it.

CCP says that scams affecting areas outside of the game may not be tolerated, and this includes scams that encourage the mark to purchase PLEX in order to acquire the ISK/Items. (Source)

I would encourage you to have your corp mates submit a ticket and have a GM look into the matter.


yah i am posting a mail for everyone in corp to see

Well assuming the details are correct, your newbie members will be getting their plex back and the scammer will be getting at least a temp ban. Just be sure to send in a ticket with the logs when you get them.

Get your facts right buddy. i wasent no part of taking any isk from your corp. You made my cuzin director and thats your own doing. i was giving people free things in corp.

as for your self i have a screen shot of you addmitting to Account sharing which im sure of is not allowed. Now im gng to petition it. and yes the screen shot was an ingame corp chat so its legit and not on a comms channel. fly safe peoples. o/

For the record,

I had a chat with Eamonn de Valera,

He claims he didn’t incite people to buy plex to scam them with after, he said people had bought the plex beforehand and that chatlogs will show to that.

In other words if his claims turns out true, it’s a strictly legit scam and people just fell for it.

If not and if there is evidence of plex purchase incitement from Eamonn and Nano, GMs know what to do.

Everybody falls for at least one scam or another. I’m sorry this happened to you, but uh, these things happen to a lot of people who aren’t careful. I do not think he deserves a ban for this, it sounds like your Corp members followed him like sheep and I firmly believe you should always be able to make an isk off of the gullible.

This is going to turn into a bunch of he-said she-said banter, so I will close this thread and let the GMs handle the accusations via the ticket system.