I'm running a new scam

Hey, I’m running a new scam. It’s a good deal, lot of isk to be made for those at the top. You can buy in at the bottom today, just send me 1 billion isk in game and I’ll fill you in on the details. We are only providing the most elite scam content, so be sure to lock your wallet down tight and get ready for a wild ride. :roller_coaster:

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Sounds interesting. But before I invest in your *New Scam. Can you please explain a bit more ? Maybe there is a way I can scam you , and we can both make Isk. WIN/WIN!

Geez you don’t even try it anymore… a shame to the true scammers.

Come on, be nice. This is endgame EVE, its no longer about effort, its about succeeding with as little effort and AFK as possible.

I know someone else offered a two-way double scam, that’s a good plan, I scam you, you scam me - we can have a regular Texas scam off. Yeeehah scamaroo! I’d be happy to provide you with further details, including specific information on how to scam me and obtain maximum isk value with minimal effort. All I need is for you to send an easy one-time payment of 100 million isk, as a processing fee so I can provide you with a detailed script which is PROVEN to convince me that I should send you isk. Hurry now, this starter packet is of limited availability, with a retail value of 100 billion isk - yours now for just one hundred million!!! That’s right, a 100 billion isk value for only 100 million!!! Purchase now, and I’ll even throw in my award-winning guide to seducing New Order agents and getting James 315 to send you isk from the New Order treasury!

After you send me your login keys , so I can check if you a true scammer, xD

Oh don’t even joke about that, once I was playing World of Tanks and I typed into game chat “This is World of Tanks administrator. Please type password to begin tank battle.” and I got a temporary ban for some EULA violation.

That’s my motto, as little effort as possible and your not technically AFK if you don’t have to be online to succeed.

Instead of turning time and effort into results find a way to save time and effort as a means of producing success.

What once was said “the only way to win at eve is to not play” this was probably a joke about AFKers and botters but my take on it is…

Play by not playing, win by not losing. Instead of wasting your time let time work for you, instead wasting effort to get ahead learn how to use as little effort as possible and still get ahead = success without the cost.

After all, if your spending all your time and effort just to move forward your already failing because that means your just trading one thing for the other. Real success is when you can find success that pays you back extra time and effort that you didn’t need to initially put into it.

So basically figure out a way to get payed back in saving your time and reducing your effort for further gains on results is the only true success in this game for any results produced.

…very few will truly understand.

I make my isk on the forums and in bonus rooms on Yahoo! Answers and Quora. Every now and again I log in to check that miners are still sending me all their isk.

Unfortunately, I’m low on ISK atm and cannot participate, but if you send me 1 bill, I’ll double it and send that back to you, so we can both start getting rich fast and easy.

Will do, thanks friend!

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Confirmed. 2.3 billion isk received.

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ill take 2. ty. o7

Confirmed. 2 platinum packs SOLD. cool

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So…this is where all my isk is going.

No, your isk was all spent on exotic dancers in Ashab.

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whats the latest info on this project?

whats the latest info on this project?

I tell you all the details for one billion ISK. :wink:


1bil isk sent. I will be waiting for the details.

your doing it all wrong, your not supposed to say it is a scam, and provide somewhat believable and legitimate sounding idea, and also have alts come onto the forums to corroborate it is not a scam.

You broke the number one rule of all scamming you never supposed to admit and only ever deny it is a scam to the very end even when there is clear evidence by others it is totally a scam because then there will still be some skeptical of others opinions and still believe the scam anyways.

you need to be insufferable to the very end, even after scamming the player you need to try and convince them they haven’t been scammed but simply made a terrible mistake.


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