I'm not even mad

I’m sure some of you’ve seen this before, unfortunately I haven’t. Luckily I was using my alt account, where I was the “mark” and it didn’t have my fortune tied to it. I was tricked… and I aint even mad about it. #Impressed.

I don’t think I really need to say much more then show this picture, and some of you might understand lol.

2017.12.04 09:06:50 Player Donation -1,000,000,000 ISK 585,199,881 ISK [r] Vaacos deposited cash into Sterling Gold’s account

Courier contracted my tengu as well :stuck_out_tongue: Which oddly enough after being “on route” for 5 hours, I should of pulled my head out of my ass.

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I’m sorry, goonswarm scams are older than time itself. Just remember the golden rule:

“Never, under any circumstances pay any money upon entering a corporation for any reason whatsoever. It is always a scam, and if it’s not you don’t want to be a member of that corporation anyway”.

It’s quite ok :slight_smile: but I appreciate your concern. I’ve made several hundred billion through character trading and I want isk before it was shut down, I’m doing well sitting at about 349b now that I replaced my losses. I hope to be at 1T by next December.

If anything, I wish I would of been scammed for more, would of been a greater story.


And here I struggle with just keeping a billion in my wallet lol :smile:

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Get good :stuck_out_tongue:

WTB “How to get good” book.

Make one !

Nah I don’t want to ruin the tradition. They deserve this scam to be kept a secret for how well it was done.

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