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I traded an Ansher 10b Isk I put the anshar in they put the ink in. so after trade I knowtoced it was in a brown box you hVE INGAME FOR WHATEVER REASON. hE WAS ABLE TO WRITE 10TOUSANND ISK AND MADE IT LOOK LIGIT pLEASE HELP[. I will quit after this if not fixed, just spent 212$-49+99+more.

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Please describe a problem more clearly.
Currently we think that you accepted a trade of something worth 10000000000.00 ISK for 10000.00 ISK, which is not even close.




Always always always use a private item exchange contract when dealing with strangers. It only costs you 10,000 ISK if you’re the one paying for the contract.

What happened to you is that as you were doing the trade you saw the proper ISK amount and after putting in your Anshar you clicked to accept. The other party had not yet accepted it so they quickly changed the amount and accepted. You would still have to re-accept the trade I believe, but these guys are “fast” at making the change and having you accept the trade.

It seems that you were a victim of a station trading scam.

Scams in-game are allowed. Scams that go “out-of-game” are potentially bannable offenses.

What happened to you is a legitimate part of the game and that is not going to change.


Good bye! Lol


They fixed that scam last year:

The UI now forces you to reopen a trade window if you try to decrease the ISK value once opened.

The OP just misread the value.

His loss.


Eh. The trade window scams can be petitioned since it’s a lag thing. And lag things can be petitioned.
Its not reliable CCP will reverse it, it depends on what the logs say, but EVE is not meant to be a twitch game reliant on ping times.

…for now. Eventually the trade mechanism will be removed entirely

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Good riddance.


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Please don’t let a 10Bill loss go to heart that causes you to quit.

Just be more careful next time Pilot!

You’ve gotta be a pretty huge retard to get scammed with the trade window now



It is a form of tax evasion.


Hurts too many new people! I think we should remove competition from the game too before somebody gets mad and quits


Hey Chaji, I read your comment and feel for you man. Look, I will get you another one, just send me 5 billion isk in game and I’ll contract it to you.


Looks like someone caught a whale.

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Good to hear CCP is going to drop the hammer on Tax Evasion. So I assume we will see them get rid of the Wardec immune 1-man corps? Some of them literally have “tax evasion” in the name.


Lol! You are a true Samaritan.


Boyo, you got played, scammed and flayed and now you just publicly embarrassed and humiliated yourself online. The only thing left for you to do is to contract all your stuff to me, send me all your ISKm biomass all your chars and quit!
Good riddance!


I don’t think we should actively advocate for any player to leave the game. It’s hard for me to comprehend that anyone playing this game hasn’t been made aware of the reputation this game and its players have… not that it’s a bad thing, but the fact that you are so open and vulnerable to other players taking advantage of you is something that all players should know upon creating their account.

OP I hope you take this lesson and learn from it. Sure it’s a tough one, but now that you’re angry and upset I recommend you find a healthy way to channel that… by taking it out on other players!

Now that you have a reason to hate, go and use it!


no, I think he’s just going to swallow his pride, go in and sit in the bathtub and cry alone, in the dark, holding the framed picture of his dead hamster, with the sower spewing cold water on him.