Direct Trade ISK Changing

Disable accept trade for 1-2 seconds after isk is changed. There are hundreds of scumbags still earning all their income off poorly designed trade mechanics.

While I agree the trade window needs some tweaking I also believe people deserve to get scammed if they are dumb or too gullible


It isn’t being dumb or gullible making a trade when you see the correct amount of isk displayed. The ISK can literally be changed as you click the accept button. I was actually expecting the other dumb advice before your comment, which is: don’t use it.

If a system is broken, the answer shouldn’t be: don’t use it, or don’t be dumb. There are currently people that sit in Jita all day every day offering trades and trying to change the isk value at the same time the other person clicks accept. It is such a simple change that can be made to shut down this type of scumbag activity.

I’m aware personal contracts can be made, or waiting for the person offering ISK to accept the trade, but leaving this flawed functionality in the game only helps scammers and hurts new players.

Station trading is, well stupid. It is one of the first things you should have learned starting your EVE career. If you insist on playing stupid then the results are your problem.

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Eve is pretty ancient there are alot of features that are outdated and there are others in need of more attention than direct trade it is what it is learn to deal with it and use contracts

Scamming is a legitimate profession in Eve and you quickly learn that most of what you see in Jita local is a scam. Contracts are safe - if you take the time to read them!

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Don’t contracts cover this issue? Otherwise it’s called natural selection.


Every player shouldn’t have to get scammed first and then learn to not use the in game trade system. New players in the current system will get scammed first and then find out the trade system can not be trusted, which is why I’m making this post.

“It is one of the first things you should have learned starting your EVE career.”
The in game trade system should not be flawed to the point where you need to learn not to use it by getting scammed. Unless you are a scammer, I see no benefit for the trade system to behave in the way it does.

“Eve is pretty ancient there are alot of features that are outdated and there are others in need of more attention than direct trade it is what it is learn to deal with it and use contracts”
I agree with this, however, I think this change is so simple that it could be implemented easily. I’d love to hear words on this from someone at CCP.

“Don’t contracts cover this issue? Otherwise it’s called natural selection.”
This attitude does not reflect what I believe CCP desires, but what scammers desire. Protecting new players from such a flaw seems helpful, will prevent robbery from new players, and perhaps retain more players.

If anything changes, any previous acceptance is cancelled. At the end of the day, you pressed accept when that price was listed.

Check, and double check, then check again before accepting. Valuable life lesson and not just for games.

One of the best things about this game is that greedy chumps who think they’re getting a steal are easier to scam.

  • Not everyone is as naive as you. Not everyone has been scammed by the trade system. Some people like to read up on games before getting involved and knew EVE’s reputation before joining.
  • Scamming noobs in a noob system is a bannable offense. Report it wherever you see it. Once you leave those systems you’re fair game.
  • New players don’t have much to rob and are not the target of big scams. There isn’t much you can do to a new player that they can’t get back in a few minutes. Stop using the ‘but think of the children’ argument. It’s disingenuous.
  • Putting a short cooldown after the trade has changed is not going to stop some people from getting scammed anyways. New players or otherwise. I’d much rather educate players than hold their hand.
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I dunno, i’m inclined to think that’s just part of the game, the contracts icon is fairly easy to spot day one :S

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i’d need to see this first hand, but the old adage doesn’t say “if it’s broke, don’t fix it.”

if it needs a fix, it needs a fix. 'nuff said.

IF’ is clearly a hurdle that has not been cleared in the last decade, let alone since the game first came out.

You dont understand CCP’s desires and intents as well as you believe you do. CCP has encouraged scamming since game launch and really has done very little to curb it as CCP thinks and rightly so that it adds something to EVE that almost no other games can claim and that is that scamming is a legitimate form of game play.

You want hand holding where none is needed. It is counter to the vision CCP has consistently had for EVE and i doubt your request will get farther than this forum posting.

There is another old adage that says if you have no idea what you are talking about then let the people that do understand the topic at hand discuss it without your input.

I think we found the direct trade scammer. But in all seriousness, customer retention/acquisition is at the top of CCP’s desires/intent as you put it. I think it is you who doesn’t understand CCP’s intent as you so arrogantly put it.

This isn’t so much a scam either, its a poorly designed trade window that scammers abuse because of the poor design. I don’t much care about scammers (even though they are scumbag losers) but this problem exists because of poor design.

basicly he want to have the UI updated for direct trading, and when anyone is changing stuff in said window will be highlighted to show what been change that may be isk or item, that what i see coming from the topic.

Exactly. Scamming should exist, but scamming should be based on social engineering and persuading someone to make a stupid decision, not a poorly designed interface element that allows a player to click “accept” at 100 million ISK but only receive 1 ISK.

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  1. Appreciate your sense of humor.

  2. Insta-undocks, webbing alts, and probably a few other things that either dont come to mind at the moment or i dont know about seem like things that probably were not CCPs original intent for those game mechanics but CCP likes player driven content and so keeps them despite that the seem like cheats.

I understand that you dont like the issue at hand but station trading was something you should have been told early on in your EVE career was dangerous and to be avoided. Should you choose to ignore the advise of others and lose ISK because of it, the issue is now a consequence of your actions.

Lets assume the worst and nobody told you that station trading was dangerous, now you know how dangerous station trading can be and that it is to be avoided or go into station trading knowing that it comes with serious risks.

That’s a stupid argument. Station trading is dangerous because of broken interface design, not because of player choices. A dangerous trade is “meet me in this nullsec system where I’ll drop the item for you, I promise I don’t have an alt in an interdictor sitting under cloak ready to kill you”, taking advantage of greed and misplaced trust. That’s not at all the same as “the trade interface may not display the items/ISK correctly because CCP hasn’t bothered to update or remove an obsolete feature”.

Approximately, 3-5 months ago i was desperate to sell about 1.03 billion in compressed ore. So desperate to sell the items quickly that i was spamming in Jita local for buyers (the value of the ore was considerably higher than my 1.03 billion asking price). A person responded and we began the station trade, the other person PM’d me in a chat channel that we had created (thus pulling my eyes from the station trade to the chat channel while they changed their offer to 103 million down from 1.03 billion). I cancelled the station trade and congratulated them on almost catching me off my guard.

Is this the scenario that you are explaining or have i misunderstood your argument ?