Ending the trade window scam

Change the trade window such that as soon as 1 person hits accept, the trade cannot be changed. The trade must be cancelled and restarted if both do not agree.

A similar change - I don’t remember the details (I think it was with trying to lower ISK) - was implemented some time ago. Are you still encountering a problem? You should pull up the dev blog and see if the not-too-long-ago solution is sufficient or not.

The best solution isn’t to abort the trade, but to simply automatically revoke acceptance so there is no bait-and-switch, and I think this is already taking place. I haven’t done direct trades in a while so I don’t remember for sure, but if it isn’t already happening it most certainly should.

If you REALLY have a problem with this, direct contracts have no fees associated with them apart from a flat 10,000ISK Broker fee (whereas public contracts have nasty fees associated with them).

The problem is that the scammer is now changing the number quickly, hoping that the value changes between the time he sees the correct number and the scammed clicks accept.

This is incorrect. This is literally the change that was implemented not that long ago - a change that requires a new window to be opened. The change had to do with ISK.

And like I said: if you don’t like the dynamic nature of trades (which should not be -too- static), then use private contracts.

Anti-Scam measure:

once an ISK amount has been added to a trade offer, the amount of ISK in the trade offer cannot be reduced.

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