Was forced to log off

In short, I scammed someone which is allowed in jita, Blocked him for bugging out on me, then he decided to open over 30+ trade windows with me then close and re open each time.

Inb4 the scammer tears comments, but scamming is allowed, locking someones client down with repeated trade windows especially after blocked

How is this a thing?

Scamming may be tolerated in this game but it’s still what it is…scam…

Nothing to be proud of nor something you can complain about if someone who you scammed inside the mechanics of the game tries to punish you inside the possibilities of said mechanics…

Live with it,the GM’s will just flare their noses and close the case if you submit a complain via ticket…

You’ve done wrong,he tries to annoy you for that,case closed…

If he continues to do it you may have a case but not on a single event…


Next time, just undock.

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Some salty stuff there, broski.

Scamming is part of the game. Making someone’s ui functionally unusable through exploitation of a mechanic is not.


You mean complaining on the forum over some rubbish nobody cares for?


If you do it for ransom, then it’s a scam.

Perfectly legit.

I think it’s time for me to log in my Jita character.

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And then I will report you do when need be

A scammer reporting a scammer for scamming?

It doesn’t get much better than that.


True. Still. The salt from your scammer tears goes well with my :popcorn: :smiling_imp:

Nope he did not. Before you join the game you should read and understand what it is about.

Also you clearly can not differentiate between fiction / game and reality and try to apply real-life morals onto a game where scamming is legit gameplay.

Your are not just misguided however but deliberately a demagogue as you use real-life morals to justify your unreasonable hatred towards people who bested you in the game, e.g. you are a sore loser, a poor sport, doing so you just want to overcome the game rules as you can not cope with them and pretend you are not beaten fair so you do not have to face your failure, thus you are also arrogant as well.

So in the end you on the other hand, are wrong.

Either play the game for what it is or find a game that suits you as clearly EVE is not such a game. Of course you can keep entertaining us on the forums as an alternative. :wink:

This indeed.


The forums are for the tear connoisseur :rofl: wardecs, bears, scams all tears in stock


You missed militant moralist. They’re rife in the real world, and sadly seem to have made their way here too.

What the hell is wrong with people these days?
I mean, you are a scammer. You are leet! What you are supposed to do is video the whole thing and build a blog around it and use it to claim your uber leetness over every other living human being on the planet - even those who don’t play Eve. Then you are supposed to make a thread about carebears or “People who can’t handle the game” or something like that, pushing your dominance and leetness for all to see.

Coming in here and complaining about it? if you think the game mechanics are allowing another player to treat you unfairly then go ahead and petition it. In fact you are supposed to be the one telling us lessers to do that.

What’s this game coming to?


Scamming is NOT “part of the game” it is just not punished,just tolerated…there is a difference between “not tracking something” and actually allowing it…

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see, you know feck all about EVE and it shows across all your alts, who stop posting when ya get busy on one of them hahahaha go away and play space invaders you gimp.

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That which is not forbidden is permitted or encouraged. Since scamming is very obviously permitted, it is part of eve gameplay. Eve is the players, that is Eve content. Scamming being scammed and crying about it are as much part of the game as the first loss incurred from autopiloting into null or even just getting a can flipped.


you’re wasting your time on balos. doesn’t matter how much you explain to him, he’s right always :wink:


incoming balaos is right post, type faster balos ffs

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First of all why the heck don’t you see the obvious?

Not only this part,the PVP in high discussion also shows that you must blindfold yourself not willing to see that the change is alreday been made and seemingly just not processed in the brain of some people.
It’s visible for everyone but is still denied by some…

I find this so sad because what should someone do until they finally get it?
Paint it in multiple colours?

And i AM right…

CCP have been promising a rework of the war dec system since year dot. it has nothing to do with shareholders.

so no, again you’re wrong.

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that little … habit gives you away :wink:

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