I'm running a Ponzi Scheme

This is 100% a scam but you can make a huge return if you pull out in time. I’m just like every other bank in eve just 100% honest. How it works:

  • 25% monthly interest
  • If enough money is deposited to pay “investors” they are paid
  • If not enough isk is “invested” a message will be posted giving 2 down times to get additional investments
  • If even then not enough isk is “invested” then the scam is complete and I run away with the money
  • If after the message there is enough isk you get another cycle
    To recapitulate I’m 100% going to scam you if you don’t pull out in time also this scheme is 100% guaranteed to fail after 14 cycles as there are not enough eve players to sustain it after that.

Where else could one get scammed if they don’t pull out in time?


would liek pledge 20b :thinking:

I will totally accept your pledge as soon as the isk is transferred the month clock will start.


The only honest EvE Bank. I support this project.

See now if New bank of new eden had been this transparent then people wouldnt have trolled him so much and called them out.

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