New Bank of New Eden

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I’m creating an official New Bank of New Eden thread for the MD forums.

The New Bank of New Eden is a player-run bank offering services to the capsuleers of New Eden.

The Bank has a website here: Website

There are FAQ sections on the website, and transparency in the form of 3-day daily reports and trading reports.

Another player-run bank you say? Yes, but I am hoping to learn from the mistakes that made player-run banks fail in the past (EBank) and hopefully provide the banking service for the future.

I am online frequently, and can be contacted via EVEmail or in the in-game Bank Channel: NBONE New Bank of New Eden.

Services offered:

  • Investing services (Now monthly variable per share linked to bank assets) - dividends are paid manually and not using the EVE dividend mechanism. Dividends are paid to all shareholders as calculated from the single share price. Details of how the dividends are calculated are on the website.

**Please note, I am not permitting investing in the last week of the month to protect against share price dilution for the existing investors.

  • Money depositing (5% interest rate per month - max 1B deposits accepted).

  • Loans (collateralised - terms upon negotiation).

If there are any further services you may want, please feel free to contact me and we can discuss.

If you have any questions, please drop by the Bank Channel, and I’ll be pleased to answer your questions.

:star: MOONPIRE-Trading
Royal Bank of New Eden investment fund
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September 30th Dividend payment: 1.19M isk per share.
October 31st Dividend payment - 2.16M isk per share (21.6% return on investment).
November 30th Dividend payment - 1.207M isk per share (9.78% return on investment).

(Keno Skir) #3

Oh come on. How many times a year must we debunk an EvE Bank? This has been tried loads of times, it’s always a scam eventually even if it isn’t to start with (it is to start with).

I look forward greatly to hearing why you are different from the previous ones.

What financial background do you have in EvE?

What trusted members of the community will publicly vouch for your honesty?

Will your interest rates be as competitive as other un-collateralized loans on the forums?


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Please visit the website, it will answer the questions you have.

As for interest rates for loans - what would be defined as competitive?

(Keno Skir) #5

Please answer the questions here. There is a sort of tradition in the MD forum that people who avoid discussing their request in the open are usually hiding something.

So again :slight_smile:

  1. What financial background do you have in EvE that makes you a reliable investment?

  2. What trusted members of the Market Discussion community will publicly vouch for your honesty?

  3. Will your interest rates be as competitive as other un-collateralized loans on the forums?

If your idea holds water, it will stand up to the scrutiny of the masses.

Did you do any research in preparation for this venture?

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I don’t understand the question? Are you expecting me to say I have financial qualifications, I work as an investment banker and suchlike?

  1. I don’t know if anyone will. If you search the forums you will find two other threads posted by myself - agreements.
  1. Rates - I am not offering un-collateralized loans.

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(Keno Skir) #8

No. I specified in the question quite clearly that i was asking about EvE specific qualifications. Examples might be if say you were once the leader of another successful investment operation, or you have worked as a trusted third party previously maybe. Anything that might suggest you would even know how to invest any cash you were given. Please don’t pretend i was asking for a photocopy of your university degree.

I know. You are asking for them (that’s what a bank is). That’s why i want to know what interest rates you are offering that might offset the obvious massive flight risk?

You see on your website, you are in control of everything anyone sees or hears. Here on the other hand you can be asked difficult questions, and will have to actually be legit and have a strong plan to make it through. This is why you must talk here, not just direct folks to your website.

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What qualifications do you have to judge me? I am not claiming anything. I have posted here upon request of people in the bank channel. Results speak for themselves. I’m not going to retype the content of the website on this forum, so once I again, I will refer you to the result on the website.

I knew I would be trolled hard by posting here. If I was scamming why would I even post on the forums - surely better to not bother?

Please don’t try to twist my words. I am offering corp shares investment for dividend returns. I am not asking for loans. The last months dividends paid out 11.9% return on investment. This month will be higher as I only had 3 weeks last month.

(Alexi Stokov) #10

You are claiming to not be a scam. Also, scammers post in the forums to convince marks they are legit. They also can have a personal website as well.

(Cor'El Dahken) #11

What are you doing with the ISK you are holding that you can afford to pay 5% per month interest?

(Krysenth) #12

You’re asking to borrow isk against worthless intangibles (ie your corp shares). You can argue the name all you want, but that is functionally exactly what you’re asking for.

(Athena Machina) #13

For someone trying to make a public facing venture, you’re being particularly difficult to your potential investors. This is how MD operates, with suspicion and verifiable facts. The onus is on you to prove you are someone who can be trusted with money and not just run off with it.

Also, your website is a bunch of text. What’s needed is third party verification with APIs instead of text.

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I am willing for a reputable, third party auditor to audit the banks api. What I am NOT going to do is release the api for everyone to see. We have investors that wish to remain anonymous (for whatever reason) and I intend that they stay that way if that is what they want.

Also, as the Bank operates trading projects (I myself trade to generate profits) I am not going to show which items I trade in to everyone so you can all start 0.01 isking me hard.

(Cor'El Dahken) #15

So on your website it states you are only operating in the single digit billions.
Do you have the capacity to upscale to the tens or even 100s of billions? and still maintain 5% returns?

And what happens if I give you my isk to be held, and your trade goes south (make a sizeable loss) and I ask for my isk back. Do you have a contingency plan so that I get my isk back?

(Keno Skir) #16

That’s a strange answer to a question about the investment you are here to advertise to us. You’re avoiding the questions.

As stated you are advertising here. Not much point having a shiny website if nobody knows it’s there.

You are literally saying “give me your money, and i will pay you interest on the money you have lent me”. That’s what banks do, it is a loan from the investor to the bank.

I merely tried to ask a few background questions and you have of course acted incredibly shady. What part of potential investors asking questions of the made up bank is so trollish to you?

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The bank is growing. The corp is only just over a month old. Please give these things time. I’m not asking for trillions to be dumped on me at this time. I’ll accept a few billion deposits, 5% return can easily be sustained for that amount of money. As I gain more capital, trading profits should scale appropriately. If and when I can do so, I will plan other larger projects. Again it all depends on what capital can be raised.

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Because the first word out of your mouth was to brand me a scammer?

Let me requote for you:

(Keno Skir) #19

That’s because 100% of the people who have done this before have eventually ripped people off. You mentioned learning from the mistakes of the past, so you are well aware why people will assume you are the same.

The onus is very much on you to be transparent polite and professional when convincing potential investors of your good intentions and to respond openly to questions regarding interest rates, investment strategy and financial background. This is totally normal behavior here in market discussions, and it has proven valuable in weeding out the fakers from the real rollers for years.

So for a third time, please answer the questions I put to you. Your continued dodging is doing very little for your credibility.

(Bank McBanks) #20

I am going to have to assume you are trolling me here. I answered your questions as best I could above. Maybe you should reread the thread.

For clarity.

  1. I can’t prove anything, I am a new player.
  2. As above, I can’t say if anyone will.
  3. Will depend on what loans people want - amount and timeperiod. Hopefully will be.

If these answers are not enough for you, then please do not invest. Thank you Sir, goodbye.