Leaving EVE? Might come back? Come back to more ISK! New Eden Trade and Market Retirement Investment Account

If you are leaving EVE for an extended time or quitting EVE however you, may one day, come back. Then invest your ISK with Eden Trade! Your ISK will be put in the already awesome established market account with 1.3 Trillion ISK invested and 700+ million ISK paid out to investors (all that taking place in the past 9 months!).

Your ISK will help keep generating my market operations to the grandest scale with higher profits and help New Eden advance in every region of the game! Making it easier for new players to fit ships, buy items, and sell off their items (for good market values (Jita) not regional low ball offers)! Don’t let your ISK go to death help me build and better New Eden!

How it works:
• The Retirement Investment account will be an open fund. Any amount of ISK can be put into it from 1mil to however much you have.

• This fund will be paid out as how my normal market investment fund is paid out but at the base 25% of total profits per billion ISK. Example 100billion in profits per month (what I am averaging now) would net the fund around 30mil per Billion ISK in the fund. Which if the fund has 100billion ISK in it then the fund would generate 3billion ISK per month.

• No withdraws on ISK for 1 year only your profits (so if you come back before a year is up you will not be able to withdraw ISK invested). So, make sure you are going to be gone for that set time. However, exceptions can be made if you just so happened to return, and enough liquid is in the fund then I will break rules and pay you back out your original investment. However, any profits will be withheld.

• Each character investing will be tracked separately as I do now with my current investment. If Investor A puts in 75billion and Investor B puts in 25billion. Both Investors decided to come back after 1 year. Investor A will get the full 75billion+ 75% of the profits and Investor B will get back his 25Billion with 25% of the profits (if they were the only two investors in the retirement fund).

• Profits will be held from my current investment take and profits from the Retirement take will all be kept in one Corporate Wallet Division. This will/should generate (I am generating base 1.2 Trillion per year already) enough ISK to fund any that should return. Assets used in new market hubs (not current existing market hubs) can be liquidated to pay out returning investors if necessary.

Things are subject to change (as in rules regulations etc. as with anything new not all the kinks are glitches are worked out) but returning ISK to those that come back will be a guarantee and with more ISK than what they quit with!

How to Invest
• Transfer your ISK to Eden Trade (CEO of the New Eden Trade and Market Corporation). No description needed. Any ISK transferred to this char will go into the retirement account. (current existing market investment account is closed so these will not be confused).

• I will mail you back and let you know I got it and I have recorded your character name. (if you are selling off your character etc. then please let me know your email or some sort of validation I can use if you come back or when you come back so I know you are the right person/can confirm that invested).

Check out my youtube channel that shows you what I use all the ISK for: Eden Trade - YouTube

Past Records of my Investments and Track Record for success!

New Eden Trade and Market Investment Exchange [Invest and buy shares!] [1.311 Trillion Invested/Shares Sold] [100+bil profits month] (current and 600+ billion paid back so far 1.2 trillion profits per year base 66 investments made totaling 1.311 trillion isk)

New Eden Trade and Market - Regional Market Investment and Profit (funding reached) - #20 (closed and all paid back total paid back was 160billion

My channel that has some videos explaining my market stats and business.

Eve mogul Stats:

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Sounds like a scam.


Look at there posting history, I thought it was a scam to, but now I don’t think it is.

Problem is, it can be a ponzi scheme.

They waited several months before asking for more cash and they kept paying during that time. Apparently have paid of some/most? previous investments. If they are a Ponzi scam they are making at least some money somewhere else.

By new investors, sure.

Needs a Chribba stamp of non-scam certification

That’s like Ponzi scheme 1.01.
Bad Bobby for example paid out dividends for a year before springing the trap. See below.

I have no idea if this is a scam or not, but the amounts that are claimed are certainly extravagant.
Anyone that wishes to invest should first look into the forum history of all the “investors” claiming fat profits. ESPECIALLY the first ones that came out and reported big profits. Are they real people with a sprawling history? What other IPOs did they invest in before this one?

Eh to everyone saying Scam. I have stopped taking in ISK from people wanting to give me ISK. I could get another several hundred billion from my regular investors however if I do it would saturate all the profits selling more shares to investors. So why would I stop taking the isk if I just wanted to scam? This new Investment is a lower way of taking in ISK without ruining profits but also being able to grow much larger and bigger while still keeping profits up for regular investors.

I have also been at this for over 2+ years!

Also go to any of my 17 market hubs and go and buy items or watch the video of me buying my items and my spreadsheet. You can buy directly from one of my 55 characters in EVE and that is making me the profits.

Or go chat with the EVE Mogul guy and he can pull up all my transactions and tell you that I do indeed have 15,000 market orders up or close to that.

Or I can drop you my current 400MB file of last years sales transactions

Picture below is just what I spent buying Items in Jita just this month (each tab has all my buy order transactions)

Or you can also see my first investment of 110 billion paid fully out and back + what I owed.

Also with 1.2 trillion isk in profits per year as you can see 600billion has been paid back to investors 1.3 trillion taken in and I have 1 trillion of market orders opened so if I have 1 trillion+ of open market orders (about 20-25billion per char * 50+ chars = over 1 trillion) so if you take 1 trillion + 600billion (in profits paid out) = 1.6 trillion meaning i would be close to negitive 600billion ISK if “I was just paying out ISK given to me”

Shall I continue?

I will go ask PUSHX just how many contracts they get from me per week and how much crap they move for me LOL meaning i’m actually buying items moving them and reselling them lets see let me screen shot that too

boy 110billion ISK in rewards 3.1 Trillion isk collateral and 237 million M3 Shipped with them yup i’m legit to the T boys

Now lets look at Revenue. So you can see 5 trillion Rev. I have done 3.1 trillion Collateral with PUSHX above. So now 3.1 trillion + 1 trillion in profits = 4.1 Trillion isk (close to that 5 trillion isk Rev (also not using pushx for first 6ish months) Also have/had null sec markets that were via the alliance shipping not pushx to cover that trillion diffirence.

OK wait a min I can keep going.

Now go and ask the leader of Vindictive. I had access to well over 100 Billion ISK of his market holder wallet and sold items for him and could of walked away with a cool 100 billion but naw I kept selling the items sent him the profits to the master wallet from the trade wallet division and kept the null sec market running for him until they up and moved and I wanted out so I took my market items and left (leaving his 100+ billion and items intact for the alliance.

ok should I stop now? or keep going on how legit Eden Trade is?

Oh lets not forget i help fuel ichoosyou citadels and cored them all. Which means at times he transfered me 60 billion to buy the cores and i got them installed. And then for fueling its at times 20 to 30 or more bil a month transfered to me or every other month and get them fueled without scaming.

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also why would I give all this up when i’m turning 1.2 trillion (estimated profits) per year that’s a lot of cha chang! And the more I optimize my process and market flow the more that is going to grow to even larger scales!

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I invested 3b roughly 6 months ago, gotten about half of it back in dividends so far.

If this is a scam it is a bad one, why do all the work of seeding markets when could just pocket the isk?
Because it isn’t a scam is why, or atleast until now it hasn’t been a scam.

I fully believe this is a legitimate venture, that said I would not personally invest. For me the payout is too low compared to the alternatives. We’re talking making 30mil on per 1 bil in a month (3%). Looking at the historical returns I would expect the actual payout to be slightly lower. Taking recent monthly figures from the discord the payouts have been 80-90m per share, however at the base rate, only 25% of this is paid out, giving a payout per billion of 20-25m which is 2-2.5%.

As for me I invest in the Oz EIF which generates monthly compounded returns of approx 3.9% where the initial funds can be withdrawn any month if required.

Yes but this is for someone who us quitting the game. That or may be taking a long break and is not sure if they will return to the game. So your isk is making a profit and if u decided to return u get ur isk back plus the profit it made. If u never return then that isk just keeps making more isk.

Why let people quit the game and let all that isk sit there as dead unused isk ever again. When i can turn it into a way to stimulate the economy of the game and build larger scale operations with it. Make eve an easier place to shop and play in. Thats the main goal.

This investment is not for those wanting to invest and get paid next month or every month this is for those who are leaving eve and or taking a long break. So its a slow growth of your isk and that all based on if the player comes back they might never come back. If they dont there isk is going to a good area of the game in helping the economy run and several other projects i want to break into with other plans as well!

Also, if anyone is leaving the game and wants to give all their isk to me, I will pay out double anything Eden Trade pays out. Just send your stuff to me. Thanks!

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And the retirement fund begins! 4 Billion to kick it off!

Thank you for the investment sir! Now time to get to more eve market stuff :slight_smile:

I received 26 billion isk last night from an anonymous retiree, I didn’t want them to quit the game so I sent them 52 billion isk. They decided not to quit the game. Another player saved! \o/

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I think I ran the only investment bank in Eve that was not a scam as Brewlar Kuvakei. The scheme also paid over 100bn to Plex for good in the year it operated.

If anyone going long term afk p.m me or anyone at A…G with details of your capital, we’ll pm you a good potential return., 1bn ISK or 500 plex min.

@Shea_Tzestu Lmao :joy:

Well a quick search of the forums would show the charitable contribution from my trading corporation & you’ll not see one post claiming they were scammed.

PM if you are going afk, I’ll handle your isk/plex well. I value my trading integrity & would be gutted if some one claimed my investment was a scam.


I have 50b investment in shares and I got 23,595,760,695.06 ISK dividends until now. Eden Trade is an absolute professional and trusted businessman. Just enough to check him on EVE-Mogul if you aren’t total dumb. :wink:

Have a good day.