Royal Bank of New Eden investment fund

Hello guys,

so after having my private investment fund for people i know (mainly corp mates) in eve. I’ve now decided to take my fund public :). Here is how it works:

  1. Sign up on with the char you want to use
  2. Transfer ISK to the “Royal Bank of New Eden” with the signed up char with reason "Investment" ( If you fail message me and let me know) Max Investment ATM is 15B ISK per char Minimum is 1M ISK
  3. Interest rate will be dynamic and not set in stone. You can expect between 1-5% per month. No guarantees im just a human and dont play eve 24/7.
  4. See you wallet grow on the website :).
  5. You can transfer ISK on the site between chars.
  6. Payouts can be granted within 2 weeks of letting me know. (This is max time so you might get your isk a lot sooner.)

1 ) Once you added funds don’t worry if they don’t immediately show up as i need to confirm every payment manually before it shows up for you guys.
2) There is no collateral

Bank discord server is: JOIN FOR UPDATES PLEASE

I know banks have a bad reputation in eve. I’m just offering this so if your not interested that’s totally fine but no need to hate and rage.

See you guys soon


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What’s the collateral?

There is none.




Yes that is basicly what it is.

Current Customer here,

i am very satisfied with this service.
The homepage makes it realy easy to keep track of everything that happens.
You get informed on the discord-server as soon as there is a payout.

10/10 would do again.


Oh, well that makes it all right then. All youre doing is offering us the chance to give you isk. Nothing wrong with that.

This all sounds completely familiar though. Where have i heard this bank name before…

Oh, right, here it is. It was the new bank of new eden, which subsequently collapsed earlier this year after running for 4 months. What a coincidence. Purely coincidence. Im sure of it.

But thank you for your offer to take our isk. It was quite generous.

So within the first 20 seconds of joining forums, you spotted this isk doubling service, sent over the isk AND then received interest???

Like, am I missing something here? The post itself was made less than a day ago but you already recieved interest?

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Oh cool.

A forum alt with zero posting history.

Joined an hour ago.

Viewed three posts.

A total of 10 minutes of viewing time.

Posting a positive review.

What are the odds!

Again, pure coincidence, im sure.

Completely trustworthy/10 would post about coincidence again.

New type of Investment bank.

Receive your interest every 20 seconds!

Join now.

1m sent :lying_face:

We were all born yesterday.

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You people are so negative. OP I will send you 15B but to gain my trust before that send me one month of interest to prove you are reliable, then I will gladly send my 15B to you.

June is one of my above mentioned

in this case an person i used to play with and is invested for about 2 months now so not an alt just a person who was invested when the fund was private.

Like stated below June is with my fund for about 2 months.

Thats interesting. Difference is mine is running for over 1 year now :). Also i dont offer a locked 5% return rate imo simply not possible.

Allways wanted to try one of these :joy: singed up and 500m iskies sent.

Just want to leave this link here, btw:

I hope you’re not planning on scamming with your SSO application.

Thank you for bringing this up! So guys as you can see im am literally not allowed to scam :smiley:.