Royal Bank of New Eden investment fund

Isk recived and confirmed

After we transfer ISK in the site, we need to manually transfer also ingame?

Also, if I want to take back the investment I’ve made, how long will it take? Does it have any penalty or such.

This is how long :slight_smile: for the rest just read the post mate

2B sent for initial investment. Will deposit more depending if rates are good by end of month.

Kindly confirm receipt. Thanks.

Recived thanks a lot :slight_smile:

You do realize how shadey as F*ck it is for a brand new forum alt to post that, though, right?

So you say. 1 year, 10 years, you can say whatever number you want.

Just want to mention, that this isnt necessarily concrete. He can always claim that this was an investment and therefore there was always a risk that all the isk would dissapear.

I guess it does yes but just give it some time and see how it goes :slight_smile: no need to invest now.

Again, there was a bank that went for a couple months before the owner biomassed. “Seeing how it goes” doesnt always work.

Another person who literally joined for under 20 seconds and already sent the isk

At least this a̶l̶t̶ completely different person joined for 3 days before sending over 2b

While you are not allowed to use the SSO tools to scam, posting on forums and getting people to send isk is technically not utilizing the SSO tools.

as I said

Amun Nebus is also invested with ichooseyou so i guess just an investor VOV

Hello together o7,

if i read all this i can only smile because it is EVE! : D

I would like to write a little about that people might understand who Johanna Baragool is.

I have known Johanna for about 1 year now. As long as the concept of the bank by the way exists. This has been active for some time and has lived only by word of mouth propaganda.

Johanna taught me all about trading in my early days and explained how the market works in EVE. We got to know each other better and talked about tips and tricks and our friendship developed like this. At some point our ways separated then because I took a break and professionally and privately did not find much time for EVE. The contact remained despite everything again and again.

However, I had no use for either the service of the loan or the deposit. About 1 month ago, Johanna came to me and told me that he has now introduced the Fund with Interest. I have 15B deposited on it and enjoy the numbers which are variable.

For me who likes to earn less money but rather with my corp friends what is doing that’s fine so I can push my money aside and get even more money. Sometimes more sometimes less. I wanted even more deposits Johanna has told me that he does not want this because there would be too much bale risk and he would not want to wear it that way.

So I can only speak for myself and say that I trust him fully.
In addition to that, I am also creating the New Eden podcast with Alex in German. In the meantime, we also received the sponsorship from Johanna, which allows us to distribute more giveaways to our listeners. Thanks for that Johanna!

The smell of the whole scam I can therefore understand. But also tell of my positive experiences! :slight_smile:

So if you need such a service but do not trust it yet. Just wait a bit and see for yourself how it develops or try a small amount that does not hurt you.
Excuse my bad English I am not so powerful in this language but wanted to share my experience.

Kind regards


500 mio send. Don’t be the Deutsche Bank.

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Or hes(read: youre) trying to be clever by investing in a legit venture to increase his trust level. It would’ve been more interesting to see him invest in another brand new, scam-like investment opportunity like this.

i have invest some money and i like the Idea of this Bank

Isk recived and added to your account!

gave it a shot. i am not super space rich now but actually so far it looks legit. will update if i have the feeling that this looks fishy. if you find out who runs dat ■■■■ lemme know so i blow that persons ■■■■ up (in eve!)
if necessary :smiley:

Dont forget to join discord for updates and stuff mate :slight_smile: