Royal Bank of New Eden investment fund

Hello guys,

so after having my private investment fund for people i know (corp mates streamers and so on) in eve. I’ve now decided to take my fund public :). Here is how it works:

  1. Sign up on with the char you want to use
  2. Transfer ISK to the “Royal Bank of New Eden” with the signed up char with reason "Investment" ( If you fail message me and let me know) Max Investment ATM is 15B ISK per char Minimum is 1M ISK
  3. Interest rate will be dynamic and not set in stone. You can expect between 1-5% per month. No guarantees im just a human and dont play eve 24/7.
  4. See you wallet grow on the website :).
  5. You can transfer ISK on the site between chars.
  6. Payouts can be granted within 2 weeks of letting me know. (This is max time so you might get your isk a lot sooner.)

Note: Once you added funds don’t worry if they don’t immediately show up as i need to confirm every payment manually before it shows up for you guys.

Bank discord server is:

I know banks have a bad reputation in eve. I’m just offering this so if your not interested that’s totally fine but no need to hate and rage.

See you guys soon



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