HR - Investment Bank

After running a 12+ months long private investment round, i have now decided to go public in order to gather more funds, and counter the effects of the removal of Margin Trading.

Rules go as follows;

  • 500m Minimum investment with a total roof of 250b isk

  • 2% Interest paid monthly

  • Withdrawals are processed monthly and you need to leave at least 7 days notice.

To give some kind of context, the following images shines a light on the kind of ISK i process (the first one is one of my most profitable months since i started tracking my profits consistently, the second is my newly born third market alt);

The investment procedure goes as follows;

  1. Send ISK to Ham Rici
  2. State amount and isk sent in this thread
  3. I will confirm and pay your interest at the 1st of every month, first payment will be 1st August 2020.

When you wish to withdraw your ISK, post here or send me an in-game mail. I will refund your isk + your accrued interest when paying the monthly dividends.

Is there any reason to trust that this isnt just a huge scam/ponzi scheme?

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