Papaya Investment Fund

Howdy everyone,

Figured I’d post the investment fund I recently started here to see if there’s any interest. I’ve been playing since late November last year, mainly with Eve Uni, and for the last few months (with an alt of mine) I ran a market experiment in Stacmon involving 20b in Unista assets to test the waters for market viability. That experiment recently concluded, and investors who didn’t want to continue investing with this new fund were reimbursed with interest.

With regard to this new fund, I’m looking to broaden the current pool of investors with those outside of Eve Uni. It’s worth mentioning here that this is not sanctioned in any way by Eve Uni— I am just one person who really enjoys the industrial and trading side of the game. Still, 9 others have entrusted me with 28b with this new fund, and I intend to continue investing that ISK for even more ISK.

At the moment, I’m in the middle of a transitory phase in looking for a new corporation/alliance/region to operate out of, as well as selling off the last assets from the aforementioned market experiment. As such, the fund’s monthly ROI is currently 3.5%. I based this figure off of a fair amount of research into historical investment funds, such as ICY’s from the last few years. Of course, making 3.5% of your ISK with some active gameplay in a month isn’t super difficult— but not everyone has the same interests or level of activity. So if you’re taking a break from the game, this might be a great avenue for some passive ISK. But if you’re playing 25 hours every day? Maybe not so much.

Still, I do see that some other funds offer higher monthly ROIs (even if 83% of the invested amount comes from one person), and so one of my short/mid-term goals is to increase the monthly ROI once I get into a stable trading/production rhythm. So if 2% isn’t too appealing, stay tuned in the coming weeks/months. :slight_smile:

Edit: We are up to 3.5%, beginning April 1. The long-term plan is to go up to 5% in May, and then reevaluate from there.

As for the other pertinent fund details, my intention is to keep 25% of the fund’s ISK available at all times, though this may change as more people invest so I can better utilize the ISK. Basically, I want to make sure the people who need to withdraw their investment at the end of a given month have the capability to do so without forcing them to wait up to 3 months, as fully investing 100% of the fund at all times is poor fund management.

Investments are made in 1b increments to Altair Nullwing (my trading alt), and recorded in an offline Excel spreadsheet. You can also Evemail either character in game, or DM me on Discord (@crabga) if you’d like to discuss/ask questions further.

I think that covers it all, so feel free to let me know any thoughts or questions.

Fund Status
:lemon: :pineapple: Currently, the fund is on hiatus, and all investors were refunded. :mango: :kiwi_fruit:


Sooo….in summary you currently aren’t in a corp or have a place to operate out of but you would like people to send you isk in increments of 1 billion? Classic Eve.

No, I’m currently with Eve Uni, I’m just preparing to relocate elsewhere, hence the starting ROI of 2%.

So what are you currently invested in that’s paying out that 2%? And what’s your plan for further investments? What sorts of things are you doing to grow this money?

I’m invested in quite a few things that I’ve triple-checked the math on, so I’m quite confident in the fund’s continued profitability. You likely knew that already though, as revealing exactly what I am trading in is a great way to invite additional competition, so you’ll have to forgive me (and 95% of other traders) for not revealing that information.

At the end of the day, the fund isn’t for everyone, and that’s ok.

I think I’ll do a weekly bump to keep the amount of bumping to a minimum, so bump.

Fund is up to 12 investors with 31b invested. The fund is also going up to 3.5%.

Have to travel out of town for a few days at the end, so posting the monthly update here:

  • 1x Withdrawal processed
  • 1x Investment processed
  • March interest paid out
  • Interest rate now 3.5%
  • 29b total invested from 11 investors

Edit: Will be temporarily closing the fund and refunding those who invested so I can focus on a mix of other priorities. Thanks to everyone who did!

Closed as per OP’s request.