[INVESTMENT FUND] Stonebridge Arbitrage Fund - Non-fixed passive income, unrestricted withdrawals

Stonebridge Arbitrage Fund (SMAF) is a mutual fund that takes advantage of arbitrage in Eve Online to grow assets for Eve corps or players (Investors). Investors can get passive income by investing ISK in return for fund shares whose value is tracked based on the price of assets (items) owned by the fund.

How does it work?

Typical funds allow you to invest ISK and pay you a fixed low percentage of around 2-3.5% as dividends each month. These returns don’t usually compound so you just get the same amount of ISK each month.

SMAF operates differently from your typical investment fund in Eve and more like a real life mutual fund. You buy shares in the fund and the value of those shares increase based on the total size of the fund. This means that the results are not fixed and can change each month but are typically much larger. Instead you pay fixed fees of 3% which are waived if the fund performs poorly.

Share price is updated daily and is calculated by dividing the total fund assets by the number of shares. Daily share price can be viewed via the “fund dashboard” link on the website linked below.

Here’s an example where you invest 1 billion ISK for 1 month:

Typical Fund:

  • The fund grows by 10%
  • You get a 2% dividend of 20 million ISK
  • The fund keeps 8% of profits


  • The fund grows by 10%
  • You pay fees of 3%
  • Your shares increase in value by 70 million ISK (7%)

A lot more details about the fund are available on the website and in the prospectus (PDF linked on the website):

Monthly Report Q1 2022

Total Fund Size: 50.93 Billion ISK
Average Monthly Growth: 11.88%
Total Investors: 17

We publish full quarterly reports on the fund website.

Connect with us!

You can connect with us and other investors on our Discord:

We will answer any questions you have about investing in the fund. If you want to invest right away you can follow the instructions on the website under “How to Invest”.

Looking forward to hearing from you!


Is there a minimum deposit amount?
The minimum deposit amount is the price of one share. However, in order to achieve reasonable returns a deposit over 100 million ISK is recommended.

Is there a maximum deposit amount?
In order to grow the fund at a healthy speed, the fund currently accepts investments from individual investors of up to 5 billion ISK per month.

Does interest compound?
Yes. Interest earned via changes in share price compounds over time.

Are there limits on when or how much I can withdraw?
No. You can sell the entire balance of your shares at any time. Withdrawal requests will generally be handled within 24-48 hours at the share price when the request was made.

How much interest do I earn?
Interest is not fixed and is based on share price growth. The fund aims to grow the share price by 10% per month. Please see the fund dashboard and quarterly reports for information on past performance.

How are fees paid?
3% of your shares (rounded up to the nearest share) are transferred out of your account each month. This means the number of shares you own goes down over time but the overall value of your shares should increase by much more than that.

You have 100 shares valued at 10k ISK each for a total of 1,000,000 ISK. If after 1 month, the share price increased 10% to 11k ISK you will have 97 shares after fees valued at a total of 1,067,000 ISK (+6.7% growth).

Are there any guarantees that my ISK is safe?
EVE does not have legal enforcement mechanisms to guarantee safe money trading. As with other investment services in EVE, investments are non-collateralized and cannot be 100% secure. SMAF aims to provide a proven track record of transparency to gain the trust of investors. Please see the prospectus for more information.


I am not affiliated with Claire Ishibashi, and as one of his investors for almost 6 months now, I can confirm that he’s trustworthy: He tries to walk his talk. Calculated over my investment time I already made ~65% of value. Also the fact that his fund does not skyrocket (and later crashes again), but steadily creates revenue tells me that this one here works.
@Claire_Ishibashi Thanks for all your efforts!

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Supported, he made me a nice profit already. o7

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Recently added 3 new investors. Come join us!

The fund just passed 50 billion in total funds!! Thanks to the current investors for helping reach this impressive milestone!

Hello. I am new to investing (real life or in game) and so I have a quick and I am sure stupid question related to the fees. the 3% monthly fee is a charge that is taken out of my EVE wallet or out of the money that I send you?

Thank you

Thanks for the question. It’s technically a percentage of the shares you own so it’s taken out of the money invested. You don’t need to pay additional fees out of your wallet.

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I have a Stupid question:
-How would i know about the Increase of my Investment? do i get a Monthly Report?
-How about the 3% Tax on 10Shares for example:- Are they calculated in rational or in whole numbers like:
—100,97=9,7 or 100,97=9[7E-1] or is it getting rounded (and how)?
-How about the responsibility like keeping the Fund growing in therms of Managers and Investors?

If you want, you can reply ingame with an email :smiley:
trade safe

Thanks for the questions. I encourage you to take a look at the prospectus which is linked on the website. That will hopefully help you get more of an idea of how the fund works.
Here is a direct link https://stonebridge.holdings/pdf/Stonebridge%20Arbitrage%20Fund%20Prospectus.pdf

  1. You can view the current share price and your current shares and valuation at any time on https://stonebridge.app/
    You will also get monthly emails in game with this info as well.

  2. Shares are whole numbers. Amounts for fees get rounded up to the nearest whole number. A 3% tax on 10 shares would get rounded up from 0.3 to 1 share.

  3. The fund doesn’t make any guarantees on growth but
    currently has a goal of 10% growth per month. You can see how we’ve held to that goal by looking at past prices in the graph at stonebridge.app, or past monthly performance charts in the quarterly report linked on the website, or in the prospectus.

I’ve just published our Q1 2022 Quarterly Report! Here is the financial highlights for Jan 1 - Mar 30:

Screenshot 2022-04-24 153735

You can read the full report here:


Very nice. I just logged in for the 2nd time since I invested back at the end of March and I like what I am seeing :smiley:

Hi. I am a wealthy player with experience of markets and fund management both in this game and the real world.

I used Claire Ishibashi’s fund for a short time and was very pleased with my investment. Not only are the returns fantastic she is also very transparent, forthcoming, and has created an investment service which I have a lot of respect for.

I was personally considering creating a fund management service in Eve, or perhaps a service for diversifying and analysing wealth across multiple funds and investors in this game, however I am now satisfied that if I had the chance to work with Claire in the future that this would be even better.

Her fund may not be the biggest right now, but that makes it all the more reliable and profitable in my opinion.

9/10, very satisfied. :slight_smile:

I’m interested in investing. Do you offer collateral for large investments?

I am interested in investing.

Hi Dai,

We don’t currently provide collateral. You can find out more about how we maintain transparency and accountability in the “Risk & Mitigation” and “Accountability” sections of the prospectus.

You can find instructions in the “How To Invest” section of the fund website.

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