[SERVICE] Eden Trade Broker (Independent 3rd party for EVE Transactions)

Needing a broker for an EVE transaction? Such as Citadel transfers, Poco’s, ISK transfers, or anything that requires a trusted 3rd party to help mediate the deal then contact me.

I have been running and managing one of EVE’s best investments and operate over 15,000 market orders all over New Eden with over 900billion isk of investors trust and isk! Trusted with over 1 Trillion worth of invested assets for pilots all over New Eden!

No matter the deal let me help you broker it so each parties assets and isk remains secured and nobody gets ripped off!


  • If assets: 5% of the estimated value of the overall assets paid in ISK
  • If ISK: 5% of the ISK being brokered

Contact Discord: Eden Trade#7009
In-game: Eden Trade

More info on Eden Trade:

Service is still available

Need help doing a deal message me!