Trusted 3rd Parties?

Hi folks, I’m looking for some recommendations on trusted 3rd parties. Please link characters from the forum below, will obviously check their history :slight_smile:

@Solonius_Rex @Elizabeth_Norn come to mind as the two most trustworthy 3rd parties that i know of… if you are looking for loans etc… i been trying to get my rep up as a trusted 3rd party, but i’ve not had much time to really play the game, aside from helping people get their standings up with the service i’m with.

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Trusted 3rd parties concept kind of died with the advent of citadels. Really the only transaction where a 3rd party could still help is structure ownership transfer.
Your next issue is finding a trusted 3rd party from the very small list, that are active enough in Eve to still help.
Best of luck

The only “public” figure I would trust would be Norny


Me. Run the largest investment fund that has paid out investors 80% so far. Been trusted with a lot of other things as well.

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Thanks! I’m not looking for a transfer of assets, but rather an insurance for customers who want to deposit ISK at my service.

You were vague about what you needed 3rd party for, so Brock responded appropriately.

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Elizabeth Norn, hahahhahahahhahahha, no.
The dopes army of n+1 alts will be along to say otherwise but still, no.

My Corp & trade name Brewlar Kuvakei who pegs trusted 3rd partying to the plex 4 good system is as close to secure to 3rd party gets. If I con you I will likely be banned.

PM in game no brokerage less than 100bn, I’ll charge 5%, the 5% will go to next plex 4 good.

Is your brewlar character still banned? Seems risky


Elizabeth Norn, hahahhahahahhahahha, no.

Got any data for this?

Norn doesn’t play much these days but the obsession that a certain someone has is still hilarious.


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