New Eden Deliveries

We’re currently alpha testing this service, and hope to make it available soon. We need your feedback to make it the best service possible!


To place an order, please use this form: We’ll get back to you via mail within 24 hours to discuss pricing.

New Eden Deliveries will let you order items and have them shipped to your location. You do not need to have an alt in a trading hub or fly there yourself, nor manage courier contracts yourself. Imagine it like an online retail store that ships to your doorstep.

To buy items you go to the website, paste the items, enter the character and system where they shall be delivered to, review the price, and hit submit! A trucker will buy the items and bring them to you. Below you can see a mockup of the website:

NE Deliveries Demo 1 - YouTube

We focus on convenience. The goal is to help lazy people get stuff to where they need it, like new drones and crystals for miners, new ammo for mission runners, and fittable ships for faction warfare players. We do not try to compete with the pricing of services like Redfrog and PushX which focus on hauling items from A to B.

The price of items consists of their Jita Sell price, and a delivery fee. The delivery fee is a couple percent of the items’ price, and varies based on the volume of the items, the distance travelled for delivery and how quickly you want to receive them. We have not fully figure this out yet. Battleships are harder to move, and it takes quite long to move them from e.g. Jita to Mendori. Please leave your feedback below what percentage you would pay and how quickly you’d want what kind of stuff delivered! Some examples would be great, like “a fully fitted Astero to Esescama, 15% up”.

Quick delivery is important so that you can do whatever you want instead of having to wait for us. One day delivery for everything would be nice, but will not be achievable early on, as delivery time guarantees can quickly burn you out. Instead we’ll start by delivering goods from weekend to weekend, until we have more data that shows we can guarantee certain delivery speeds. For example you play over the weekend, and use up a bunch of ammo and drones. Then you place an order, and we have it with you by the time you continue playing next Friday evening. We may be faster than promised.

Everyone can order, and everyone can haul. To prevent bottlenecks and burnout, we build a system where anyone can place orders, and anyone can participate as a trucker. Simply sign up on the website as a trucker, ship the items, and get rewarded. You can combine this with any other activity like public couriers to further increase your profits. Read more below in “How do payments work?”.

In the beginning this service will be limited to NPC stations in high security space mainland. Highsec islands will be excluded initially. As we validate the business model and recruit truckers, we’ll evaluate expansion into low and null security space.

When Can I Start Ordering/Hauling?

We’re currently trying to understand the market, and how we should set up the business. Then we’ll need to build a website. After that we can get started. Keep an eye on this thread to stay tuned.

How Do Payments Work?

Customers have to deposit ISK upfront to place orders. Their ISK will be fully collateralized via trusted 3rd parties. We will transparently display the total balance that customers have placed with us, so you can verify it with collateral agreements on the official forums. This means that if we default on returning your ISK, you can get it back from the trusted 3rd party.

With a balance in their account, customers can order items (including delivery fees) up to their total balance. This reserves the total price in their balance, but doesn’t remove it. The public collateral statement will reflect this.

Customers can add a tip to make their order more attractive to truckers.

A trucker will then purchase the items, ship them over and submit a contract. This contract is verified via the EvE API, and funds will be transferred accordingly.

Once the customer accepts the items, the according amount of ISK is removed from their balance.

If a customer rejects the items of an order, we will reach out to settle the problem. We reserve the right though to charge for the return cost and difference between sell and buy price.

If a trucker loses their ship or the items, the customer will not be charged.


Q: Can you haul my stuff?
A: No, if you want to have some haul items that you already own, then please use PushX or Redfrog. If you want to get rid of assets, then please consider Highsec Buyback.

Q: How is this different from courier contracts?
A: In order to use courier contracts, you need to purchase the items at location A (i.e. Jita) first, have a character at location A, and then create a courier to get the items shipped. With our service, you don’t need to be at location A in order to get items at Jita prices shipped to wherever you are.

Q: How do you pay for the items?
A: We ask customers to first deposit ISK into our corporation’s wallet. Then they can then order items. The ISK is only accessible to hand picked managers. The orders are available to couriers, who can pick up an order, locking it in so that the customer can’t cancel it anymore. The courier then buys the items, hauls them, and creates a 0 ISK contract to the customer. Once the contract is accepted, the balance gets deducted from the customer and added to the courier. API verified, and secured by deposits with trusted 3rd parties.

Q: What if there are no haulers who want to ship my order?
A: If no one picks up your order in time, you will be notified and your ISK will be refunded. You can choose to place a new order.

Q: Is there a maximum volume?
A: Yes, there’s a maximum of 1,000,000 m3 that freighters in EvE can ship. Based on the volume of your request there will be different price classes. Items that fit into an interceptor are cheaper to haul than those who require a DST or those that require a freighter.

Q: How do you make sure no one steals ISK/items?
A: Customers have to trust the trusted 3rd parties we work with. They will have a long standing history of 3rd party services. When a customer places an order, the ISK is in the bank and can be paid out to couriers at any time. Couriers then buy the items with their own ISK, and bring it to the customer. Via an API check the website can see that the items were successfully delivered, and funds can be transferred back to the hauler.

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This, this I like

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Personally, i very much like the idea. Aside from the fact that is convenient, it can create alot of interactions, traffic and market flow. I also belive it can drive some players to try and participate in the process by doing the deliveries themselves. We all know that Contracts and Delivery is an already present and well known mechanic in Eve, but, who’s to say diversity is bad for business.

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Well in general this sounds great, but I see some weaknesses. You should guarantee, that an order will be done within a specific time. As a wholesaler, I have to be sure that my orders will be fulfilled, even if only after a certain time. As e.g. with PushX within 3 days. Who will be your “Truckers”? Some random EVE players or someone from your corporation?

PushX will be a direct competitor of you although they are not buying the items fpr their clients. When I push items with them 360.000 m2 with 2.5b value I pay 52,425m ISK which is 2% of the value. For me 15% would be way to much, as it is half of my margin. I would max pay 5% 6% of my goods values, but only when the execution of my order is guaranteed. If you could assure that, it will be a great service I will use a lot.


Small problem with your plan pointed out by an earlier post in this thread…for now let’s assume you’ve found a trustable 3rd party.

OK, I’m a hauler. One of your customers wants 10b of cargo delivered to Amarr, and gave their 10b ISK to the 3rd party to cover the purchase. I “accepted” this agreement and gone and spent 10b of my own ISK to buy all the items requested by your customer.

But something slows me down…a day goes by…then a week. I’m communicating but I’m having trouble getting through Uedama. When does the 3rd party nullify their agreement with me, and pursue an agreement with another hauler.

You’re missing a “deadline” for the delivery. And if you’re going to let only one hauler at a time try to fulfill the agreement, then there better be a penalty too for not meeting the agreement. Something you can give back to the customer to compensate them for the added delay in delivery of their 10b worth of cargo until the other hauler could get the cargo to the customer.

ps - Haulers won’t risk buying cargo they might get stuck with…so you can’t have two haulers (each having bought 10b worth of items) racing for the payoff at the same time. The losing hauler would really get screwed financially having to both haul all the items back to Jita and take a big loss.

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Thank you for your feedback! Let me try to address some points, and please let me know what you think about my ideas :slight_smile:

I initially didn’t put forward a guarantee, because I’m concerned that it could lead to burnout if there are not enough truckers to keep the workload at a reasonable level. If there are a lot of truckers that frequently run couriers it will be easy to guarantee delivery times.

Many people I spoke with asked for delivery times/guarantees, so we’ll need to come up with a plan for this. Just saying we may or may not get your stuff to you in time doesn’t cut it.

My current plan is to guarantee delivery time with two modes: Standard and Prime delivery (please don’t sue me :smiley: ), with Prime being more expensive than Standard. I’m not sure yet if this should be an increased percentage, or a flat fee. I’m inclined towards the latter to discourage orders like “Prime Delivery for 10 Tritanium to the other side of Highsec”.

To improve delivery times, we’ll also seed hubs (rens, hek, dodi, amarr) to enable shorter trips, which should again decrease delivery times.

I want to enable everyone to participate, just like everyone can participate in public courier contracts. If we rely on “random” EVE players, we need to have a good system in place to make sure that no one steals stuff and that delivery times are honoured. The ingame courier system has collateral and “complete within x days” for this.

My service/I would act as the collateral holder. Customers first deposit ISK into their account, so we can be sure that items delivered will be paid for. Truckers then receive the price for items + delivery fee upon delivery.

But I don’t want me or a limited group to be the bottleneck for routing items to customers. If the core team is on holiday for a week or two, the service should not stop.

This brings up two questions:

  • What about late deliveries?
  • What if a trucker gets blown up?

Late deliveries can happen if (a) the order sits idle for a long time before a trucker picks it up, or (b) if the trucker doesn’t reach the destination in time.

For (a) I would calculate the expected travel time (calculated base on the ship type need and the jumps to the destination) and add a buffer to the order. If that buffer gets exhausted, the order will be closed early and the customer gets an eve mail informing them, and giving the option to extend the delivery time. As an example I create an order that’s 100k m3 and should be delivered within 24 hours. Assuming the travel time for a freighter is 1 hour, the order would close early an hour before the expected delivery, if no one picks it up by then. This is a rather short notice, and I wonder if we should increase the buffer by 2x or 3x.

For (b) the customer should be able to reject a late delivery. As an example I want ammo for an incursion, but the delivery is late and the incursion moved somewhere else. In that case I don’t want to be required to create another courier to get the ammo to where I actually need it. The trucker however would be discouraged by the risk of having to haul the stuff back, and then sell at a loss (delta between sell and buy price). I think the best approach here is that the service buys back the items from the trucker at the delivery destination or any of the market hubs (jita, amarr, rens, hek, dodi). That way the trucker doesn’t lose ISK for buying the items.

If a trucker gets blown up, they probably violated the same rules that apply to couriers (i.e. don’t haul so much that you’ll get blown up). To prevent fraud from self-ganking, we won’t repay truckers for the items they lost. This is the same approach that couriers take.

To improve the quality of deliveries over time, we could come up with a quality rating or strike system for truckers. I don’t have concrete plans yet.

Thanks for sharing that! We won’t be able to compete with PushX/Redfrog in pricing, and therefore industrials and wholesalers won’t be our initial target audience. Lazy mission runners who play on weekends will be the first group. I’m sure that we can later lower our fees, and become attractive to more groups.

Thank you very much for your feedback! Please let me know what you think of my response.

Good point! I’ll enable customers and truckers to communicate with each other so they can figure out if a late delivery is okay.

There may however be a situation where a customer does not want to accept a late delivery. An example mentioned in my other response are incursion runners who move around highsec. In that case the delivery is void, and can’t be completed. If that happens, the service will buy back the items from the trucker at the destination, or any of the market hubs (jita, amarr, rens, hek, dodi) for the full price they were purchased at. That way the service and trucker can meet in the middle, where the trucker doesn’t get the delivery reward, but also doesn’t risk losing ISK from the items.

There will be a deadline for deliveries. As mentioned in the other response, we’ll start with a Standard and a Prime delivery, where Prime is faster but costs more. The website will factor in delivery times and not make orders available to truckers which they can’t complete anymore. E.g. 100k m3 in a freighter for 40 jumps takes pretty long, where 10m3 in an interceptor doesn’t.

As for penalty/compensation, I’m currently thinking about a scoring/strike system, which would remove truckers who repeatedly fail orders. I hope that we can get away without of having to make significant use of this system, or compensations towards customers. We’ll consider compensations in the beginning, and based on collected data and feedback will figure out a more concrete system.

Only one trucker will be able to process an order at a time.

I created a prototype for the website where you can order stuff. Here’s a demo video where I order an explorer fit to Botane: NE Deliveries Demo 1 - YouTube

The order form is not final, numbers are mostly just placeholders.

Please let me know what you think of the order form! Is there anything that’s unclear or confusing? Is there something we should simplify?

We found a new early customer candidate: Structure owners who need regular fuel deliveries. We could enable repeat orders, where you will get the same items delivered every week or so.

As a new hauler I would love to work with this company. It sounds like a good idea from both a convince standpoint and a market / isk flow standpoint. I hope this idea comes to fruition

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Well I would use that with over 5b ISK volume per month :wink:

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Anything particular you would buy?

Fuel, if you want, we can directly make an agreement. I can pay 10% as a fee, but as I said, it will be some billions every month. Let me know, when we can start!

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purifier hulls in Otraren and surrounding (1,15% Jita Sell is fine) looks fine

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Another insight: My initial approach was with a list input, just like evepraisal. Mostly because I’m used to that already. Maybe a more retail website like approach would also make sense if people only want to buy a few items. E.g. 10,000 Ammo and a ship (retail like) vs. a whole fit x 10 (appraisal like).

A simple beta start with no coding from my side could be as simple as a google form with some input, where we would reach out to customers to confirm their order, and then ship with in a couple days.

Here we go, a very small form to test out some deliveries:

You can now request items by using the form linked above. There’s no pricing in there yet, so we’ll get back to you via mail.

Where do haulers apply? I am more than willing to help this grow.

Thank you for reaching out!

We’re not quite ready yet (some more coding needed), but I’ve set up a waitlist:

Leave your character name there if you’re interested, and we’ll reach out once we’re ready!