Discreet Transportation - New Eden's ONLY 100% Secure transport service. **Beta Closed* Thank scammers

Cancelled. As always with anything people try to do to build good on this game, Scammers, thieves and the rest of the scum ruin it for everyone.

I’m not paying out another ISK until I can figure out how to avoid this, or I will simply not waste my time.

See below for your POS if you care. Good luck to you all, but I doubt its worth the effort, they will just find some other way to screw the game.

Discreet Transportation

New Eden’s Safest and Fastest Transportation Service

Offering service from any NPC Station to Jita

100% Secure in under 24 hours

What is it?

It’s a service that transfers items rather than hauling.

How does it work?

First a courier contract, then an Item Exchange Contract.

Where can I do it from?

ANY NPC Station. (HS, LS, Null)

Where can I send Items?

Jita Hub, Currently.

(All HS hubs and 1 LS and 1 Null* locations by New Year.) (Location TBD)

How long does it take?

Within 24 hours

How much does it cost?

5% of the value, with a minimum of 5 million ISK

Hello, Welcome to Discreet Transportation’s newest service. Completely secure transportation of your goods to Jita faster than ever before. It’s reasonably priced too. Sounds too good to be true, right?

Well, here we are folks. If you think its crazy, or a scam, join the Discord and check us out. Come on into the public channel in game, ‘Discreet Transport’ and ask questions.

I’m Kara. I work with Highsec Buyback as a contract manager. I’ve been prepping this for a while privately. It’s a crazy plan, I admit it. Lots could go wrong. When things do, I’ll adapt and adjust. So bear with me.

Let me explain and then break it down in depth, for everyone’s ease of access.

You want goods moved to Jita to sell. You create a courier contract to ‘Discreet Transportation’ with the collateral set to Jita Buy via Janice. I will accept and fail the courier. I will then set up an Item Exchange contract to you with all the items from your contract at the location you desired, (Jita.) The price of the contract you receive will be the Collateral plus 5%. Please verify that I have sent all items before accepting.

This is NOT a buyback. This offer has restrictions similar to buybacks. No blueprints, no Mission Items, no DNA or Corpses, etc. (This implies there will be other items unable to be valued, and thus will not be able to be transferred without special arrangement.)

People using this as a buyback or market manipulation will be barred from future service.

Ok, Breakdown.

You set up a private courier contract to ‘Discreet Transportation’ include the following things.

Set contract to ‘Courier’

Make sure it is Private, and assigned to ‘Discreet Transportation’

Add Items to be shipped. (Current Max 500 items, 1,000,000 m3, 1 Billion value Cap)

Ship To: Jita 4-4 (Currently the only location, more to come.)

Reward stays 0 ISK

Collateral: Buy Value from Janice

Expiration Date: 24 hours

Days to complete: 24 hours

Description: How you found the service (IE> Referred by, Forum post, etc.)

After that you just watch for a contract to be assigned to you. You will see all of your items, and the price on the contract will be the collateral plus 5% of the cargo value.

For example: 1 Billion Isk Collateral = 1,050,000,000 Price. (Our current max per contract.)

The plan: Get each of the major Highsec Hubs (Dodixie, Rens, Hek, and Amarr) servicing incoming orders by Halloween.

Get one Lowsec Hub established by the end of the year.

Get one Nullsec Hub established by the end of the year.

Begin service between Hubs by the end of first quarter of 2024.

Why do I bother?

The intention of this service is for those that wish to have a faster turn over of their goods, that they wish to sell in Jita for profits. While providing a guarantee that they get there safely. With the increase of Gank squads thru Highsec especially, hauling has become more difficult and risky. This will allow those that wish to avoid the hassle or risk another avenue. Those that wish to pay the lower rates are still able to use standard methods. I am not trying to take that away from anyone. Just offer a truly expedited service, that provides 100% security to the product. Even the pros lose a ship here and there. And their Rush services are SUPER expensive! This is more than any standard courier price, yes. It is also very reasonable in comparison, being on par with PushX’s standard rates.

You are really encouraged to let me know where or how you found the service! I will reward those that do!

You can also find this and the other services I provide on our Discord Channel: HERE

The goal of this is to provide players a safer faster way to move goods to the trade hubs to make their ISK.

I will be working to open service to each of the following major hubs and non major hubs over the next few months.

Jita: Open Betas NOW! Limited service Opens Sept 18 Full Service by Oct 1
Hek: Projected opening Oct 10
Amarr: Projected opening Nov 10
Dodixie: Projected opening Dec 10
Rens: Projected to be open by Jan 1

Lowsec Location: Projected opening Nov 1

NPC Null Location: Projected Jan 1

Place holder for future use. Check back for giveaways and other news!

Ok, so the FIRST contract we received showed us the error in our service.

Meet your winner of just under a billion isk, and the reason you all have lost the chance to see how this would work out. Sorry, and thanks for all the fish.

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