Afforable Transportation!

Hello! Are you looking for quality transportation of goods that won’t break the bank? Are you sick of other so claimed haulers that destroy the items you need sold or delivered in a hurry? No Problem! Just Email Satara Gremlin and within 24 hours we will be at the desired pick-up location. Why not just do a contract you may ask? That’s a good question, but I have a better answer. We can get the goods to point a-b in under a day! Why wait for someone to accept a contract that may never be accepted? What are you waiting for!


1-10 Jumps = 75k per jump

11-20 Jumps = 65k per jump

21-30 Jumps = 50k Per Jump

31+ Jumps = 40k Per Jump

Collateral Information:

In the rare case your goods are damaged while in the possession of one of are movers we will pay full price of the goods worth + 5% as a good gesture.

Low Sec/Null Sec:

If we suspect any danger within the travel route we will hire a “guard” that will follow the ships with the goods in them. This will cost an extra 5k per jump.


  1. You must pay us before hand as we do not want to be scammed. Refunds will be given in the rare chance your goods are lost.
  2. No Illegal items, were not here to become pirates were here to transport goods, we hope you understand.

Contact Information: Satara Gremlin (eve) or ChewieCat2018#5735(discord)

TW:DR (Too Wide, didn’t read) Get rid of that scrolling effect and I may read what you posted.
It’s a bitch to read that on mobile.


Unless you are actually expecting people to trust you to pay when you default, you will pay whatever collateral is on the package up front like every other courier company in New Eden. Whether it’s half the value of the package or 10x the value of the package.

Yes, we believe are clients should feel safe with us so we will pay full price up front

So if I put 5 bil collateral, you’ll put an extra 5% on to that?

If The Goods Were Damaged, Yes, And By Damaged What I Mean Is Stolen

There are only two ways to read this: a) you have no clue about what you are talking about or b) you want to lure people into a scam.

I Can Assure You I’m Not Out Here To Scam Anyone

How are you going to exchange the goods for the collateral? How will payment be handled?

What about volume? Are you offering to haul an unlimited volume of goods through nullsec at 45k per jump with “guards”?

Have you thought this through at all?

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  1. We Will Meet At A Station Of Choice, I Will Ask How Many Of What Type Of Good You Want Shipped, Then I Will Find The Median Price Point For That Good And Give The Collateral To The Client
  2. We Can Do Trips With 30,000m3,
  3. We Pay By Jumps Through Stargates So If We Have To Do Two Runs We Pay For The Second Run To

This Will Be Are Main Way Of Making Money, This Isn’t A Passive Way Like Most People So Therefor We Have To Charge Not By How Much Of One Good We Have But By How Many Stargate We Jump Through

What I would do, is set up a contract and let it choose what the collateral is, then that is the collateral you would pay up front to me (if I choose you to haul stuffs). That way either way I get my money, or my stuff delivered and you get your collateral back. I wont just willy nilly give you stuff without a contract and collateral built in.

Why does every word begin with a capital letter?


I’m glad I’m not the only one bothered by that.

Thank you for your suggestion, I will keep that in mind

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