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Hello everyone, I just wanted to post here to try and raise awareness for our corporation. We are a semi new hauling company who really enjoy helping others and most of all enjoy the work that we do. Everyone needs to find a niche they enjoy and even tho there are much bigger companies we prefer to do our own smaller company because your not just some random looking ot have something moved. If you join our chat channel your treated like friends in a positive atmosphere. If anyone is interested in utilizing our services please follow the information below …

Chat Channel : Slipstream Logistics

We are a new company looking to assist the citizens of New Eden by providing professional and affordable cargo hauling services to those that need their cargo moved in a timely manner. We are currently seeking a small clientele to start with and focus on building a solid working relationship.


With a great reputation, good track record of customer satisfaction serving both LS and HS as well as null with our growing clientele, We are passionate about our work and committed to our clients satisfaction. With reliable service and a dedicated staff rest assured that your cargo will be delivered to its destination in a professional and safe manner. With cargo ships ranging from Badgers to Freighters, we are equipped to handle your shipping needs in a timely manner.

Current Pricing and Contracts

Collateral: Collateral should be 110% - 115% of cargo value but should never exceed 1.5 Billion.

Highsec to Highsec
Rush Delivery: 1.5M/jump ASAP High Priority
Regular Freight: 800K/jump Less then 12 hours

Highsec to Lowsec
Rush Delivery: 2M/jump
Regular Freight: 1.5M/jump

Nullsec Deliveries
Volume no more then 10 000 m3 but smaller the better.
40 million flat rate

Collateral: Collateral should be 110% - 115% of cargo value but should never exceed 1.5 Billion.
Volume: Should not exceed 60 M3 for DST ships

How to create a contract:
Make contract private to Slip Stream Logistics ( S5L )

  • Volume no more than 60K M3 for LS
  • Volume no greater then 850 Thousand M3 for HS
  • Collateral no more than 1.5 Billion

10/10 Would Use Again. Slipstream Logistics is great at hauling stuff quickly and without problems :slight_smile:

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Speedy services for great prices :slight_smile:

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They completed a large contract within a reasonable time and were polite and secure.

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Highly recommended, best prices great service and speedy too.

You will not be disappointed.

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