EVE-Mogul Hauling [MOGUL]

Hello Capsuleers,

Our developers at EVE-Mogul have been hard at work at bringing a concept to life that may change how couriers are done in eve. I’m posting here to get some early feedback about the system so we can either improve, or scrap the idea.

Currently, there are only really three ways to get things moved around new eden. Using in-alliance/corp haulers and logistics, public courier contracts and linking into a channel, or using one of the freight companies who then hire their own haulers. After watching how Uber/Lyft disrupted the taxi market, I thought that maybe something similar could work for couriers. The new system will incorporate public couriers, but with a website that automatically aggregates the couriers into an easy to read list for haulers to pick and choose with ease.

Version 1 of this will be proof of concept. We have built in a reward point system as well, that rewards haulers who deliver to the EVE-Mogul structures at no cost to the shipper. We are also building a “trusted structure” database, so haulers can accept contracts with the peace of mind that they won’t be locked out and scammed.

Version 2 will include a “hauler rating” and “contracting rating”, time completion rewards, etc. At this point we will look at monetizing it in some way, mainly just to cover the rewards since those are being written off as an expense by Mogul Financial.

The website is public, with more features once you log in:

We are always looking for constructive feedback, if you have any feel free to join our discord: https://discord.me/evemogul

Thanks for reading!
CEO/Founder Mogul Financial


What information from my char I have to expose in order to use the service (when logging in)?

When logging in? None. To add your contracts it just adds the contract ESI endpoint. It’s all there in the scopes if you tried.

I love the idea and look forward to trying it out on both sides of the operation.

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Fantastic! We’re going to ramp up publicity in the next couple weeks, and expand the features. Appreciate the interest!

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What allows a structure to be added to the Trusted Delivery Points list? Will it require the owner to transfer it to MOGUL or will it be access list based or is there some other way in which all parties can feel equally safe with their desires to bring your services to their area?

It will require some sort of reputation in the community, and a history of being public and accessible. Basically it’s looked at with a case-by-case basis.

Will this be freighters only, or will DST, and other industrial ships be able to get in on the service?

Idea is that anyone who is wanting to freight stuff are able to! So pick the best ship for the job, DSTs will most likely be the most common though.

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