[Discountinued] EVE Hauling Advisor

Unfortunately the company that this website was hosted on shut down all projects. It was a nice project to learn with, but I’m not in the mood to rebuild it somewhere else. Feel free to send me a message ingame if you want the code.

I’m excited to announce the EVE Hauling Advisor!

This is a website that helps you compare hauling providers, and choose the right one for your package.

Check it out at https://hauling-advisor.hsbb.space/ or if that link is broken http://tiny.cc/hauling-advisor.

Found an error or want your service listed?

Please respond below :slight_smile:


Status updates:

  • We are aware of “Internal server error” messages, and the hsbb.space link not working. Please use the fallback link http://tiny.cc/hauling-advisor for now, and refresh the page if you see “Internal server error”.

Pending updates:

  • Add Haulers Channel to calculator


  • 2021-10-31: Fixed “NaN” bug in input fields

This tool deserves your attention. You maximize your profits every time you use it. And where else do you get such a clean “apples to apples” comparison with everything shown on one web page?

All large traders already have every courier corp’s built into their spreadsheets, so why don’t you also get that same competitive advantage too! Use this tool today…and if your cargo is starting or ending in low sec, I’ll be seeing you soon.

ps - If you want to see low sec rates as low as 105M per 360k m3, you’ll have to come directly to us since unfortunately this tool does not necessarily show special offered by courier corps. Find out if you qualify with enough cargo to get this rate.

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Give it a try for a place in low sec…it’s quite easy. Simply type in Podion, Jita, 360k m3 and 3b as start, destination, cargo size and collateral.

Tell me what you see in the table? Can you save 100’s of millions in shipping fees?!

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Happy New Year…find your lowest rate among the different courier services with this web tool!

Why not take advantage of this and have your cargo moved cheaply just like the big traders?

Friends don’t let friends pay too much to haul their cargo! And no one has the time to check all the various courier corps individually, so use this tool and save time and ISK!

Take the 45 seconds needed to try this tool, then ask yourself why you haven’t told all your friends?!

You’ll find the best results with a low sec starting point or destination IMO.

Recently some other courier corps announced changes in their JF courier services…and this tool lets you see if they really made any meaningful changes in what you care about the most. PRICE!

Don’t let their fancy rate calculators hide details (and extra fees?) from you…this simple tool shows you what each of the JF courier services charges side by side for your cargo on the specific route you need it moved. Apples to apples comparisons!

(Ideally we could also compare delivery times between each of the courier services. But I only know of one JF courier service that makes this type of information available to the public for every single completed contract…it happens to be the one that consistently shows up in this tool with the lowest rates.)

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