Haulers and Miners

Haulers and Miners Freighter Service

A new freighter service for a New Eden

We offer comparable prices to our competitors!
We offer small freighter service have a small amount we won’t charge you the same for a full load!
We only can haul in high sec areas currently (hopefully this will change as we expand)
We can offer up to 38km3 of space but will do multi runs for the same cost!
We can offer up to 4b isk in collateral!

We won’t steal your stuff!
Everything delivered within 14hours after contract is sent to us!

Get in our freighter channel in our discord to get a fair quote!

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Still offering services!

EVE Special Offer get 5 jumps free :slight_smile: if you hire us for 10 jumps or more :slight_smile:

Business is tough to start but wih consistency comes trust and more, best wishes o7

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