Is there an Game ESCROW service for private deals?


Is there an ingame service where by simple terms can be agreed, isk paid to this 3rd party - held by them and only released when terms are met?


Sure, I can handle it for you. Message me in-game to arrange the deal.

Thanks…but…I`m thinking more of an ingame service that has some history/recommendations.

Clearly you’re new here and don’t recognize the people you’re talking to. I am the in-game service and have a long history of handling deals like yours with lots of satisfied customers.

The corp I run has taken nearly 300 merc contracts and I’ve offered 3rd party services for years based on that rep. Recent reference available if you want to reach out in-game.

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But there a a few trusted players that provide such a service. The people that will offer you their services here is this thread are not among them.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:


Mr. Epeen is right. You want to look for @Solonius_Rex or @Elizabeth_Norn .

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GadgetCorp only provides a paid notary service…

– /Gadget_stamps

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@Chribba is the OG 3rd party broker. Not sure how active he is right now so may take a while. @Elizabeth_Norn is great, she will do it for free. I do charge, and so does Chribba, so maybe if youre looking for cheap and easy 3rd party, ask Elizabeth Norn.


Alekseyev Karrde is the exception here to your assertion that anyone who offers in this thread is untrustworthy.

Don’t get scammed now ya hear :wink:


Feel free to send me the money and the contract terms/details, OP. Normally I’d swipe it, but this time I’m going to do it by the book just to spite Epeen.

Yes. Of course.


Mail sent.

Sure, try to win their confidence by ratting out the other scammers!


I also have done that sort of thing but not as my main line.

If the others do not pan out . . .

ask around is a good idea, depending on what you are moving, value etc.


Chribba came here, so clearly you were wrong.


Fishing for Cribba likes?

You do you, boo.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:

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Yes, I really like to visit Cribba. Thanks, I will do whats the most enjoyable for me.

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If that’s what it takes to turn you into an honest woman, then so be it.

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