Who does third party services for structure transfers these days?

Anyone that you can recommend for an Upwell structure transfer? It’s only at the low end (2b value, transfer occurring for under that)

@Elizabeth_Norn 【ENORN】 Free 3rd party services and Alliance/Corp Creation

I have never hosted a 3rd party trade but I will do this for free just to say I have and to wet Norn’s nickers when it goes through without a hitch.

I’m not intrested in stealing your 2bn Isk structure Message, me in game, I will be on tonight.

Highly recommend this service.


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Thanks for the mention. I will be semi-afk over this weekend however, I can check funds etc however I won’t have access to my PC. If you’re still keen after the weekend i’m happy to help, I don’t charge for my services, it’s just how I remain part of the community at this point.

That said, i’ve never heard a bad thing about Norn, I can’t personally vouch though.

Used E-Norn, was happy with service, would recommend.

Would use enorn, he’s pretty trustworthy

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