Bank Of EvE

(CEO BankOfEvE) #1

Greetings, One and All,

Bank Of EvE offers you competetive banking, whereby you deposit your hard-earned ISK in our vault. You will get a interest of 8.5 %! per month for every ISK that is atleast one full month (Last day of each calender month) on your bank account. You can deposit any amount of ISK you want. This money will be used in many different projects including research, production, trading and loans. The bank will also offer sales of items at a discount for users.

Most of the money is invested in projects, but there is a safety deposit of 10% of the whole money the bank owns. This safety deposit is needed to make it possible for us to give you the ISK you want to withdraw from your account. If you want to withdraw huge amounts of ISK, it might be necesarry to PM me ingame first.

Minimal withdrawal would be 100mil ISK.

So how do you deposit ISK?
You simply deposit to me with a courtsey mail (CEO Bank Of EvE) with the ISK you want to deposit.I will counter check the bank transactions against your PM and add/update an account for you. You can deposit any amount of ISK you want (minimal 100k), but keep in mind that you need at least 100m ISK to withdraw from your account.

How do you withdraw your ISK?
You send me a Mail or directly start a ingame conversation with me and tell me the exact amount you want to withdraw. I then will create a private contract with that amount. Keep in mind that during start up of this bank, I am running it alone (Customer Service yet to be introduced), so it might take up to 24 hours until your withdrawal is handled by me.

Can you take a loan too?
After the initiating stage of starting the business, there will also be a loan service - a further announcement to this will be made.

If you have any questions, you can ask me per PM or if I am online, you can join the ingame channel “Bank Of EvE Support Support”. I try to answer every request as fast as possible.

If you try to abuse my service, it may happen that that your bank account will be banned. In this case, all the money you have deposited, will be paid back to you.
You then arn’t permitted Bank Of EvE services again.

Thank you very much for your time and good business.

(Scipio Artelius) #2

Collateral you are offering against these loans to you?

Otherwise, scam.

(CEO BankOfEvE) #3

it isn’t a scam, nor are they loans to me - they are holding accounts whereby the depositor gains interest on a calender monthly basis.

(Keno Skir) #4

Double post

(Keno Skir) #5

Jog on mate this has been done so many times before.

Yes it is.

Yes they are, that’s what bank accounts are.

(CEO BankOfEvE) #6

Mate, no one is forcing anyone to do anything are they? no so why the negativity? either you invest or you don’t, so ‘jog on’ mate.

I offer simple, genuine terms. Full Stop, a lot of things have been done before does not mean it will end up the same everytime, otherwise we would be at war with Germany again wouldn’t we? or the romans would rule again wouldn’t they. Give things a chance. In time, I will prove you nay sayers wrong.

(CEO BankOfEvE) #7

Really? so you don’t have a bank account then? you get paid cash in hand do you? If you are going to answer or attempt to troll, please don’t it with an ounce of intelligence.

Thank you Sir,

Good day now.

(CEO BankOfEvE) #8

The Groups DNS, Failed Diplomacy, K0BRA. seem to be happy with their services so far, and that is just the corporate/alliance level.

(Keno Skir) #9

Have you an established character with some reputation to base your security on? Banks in the real world are backed up by the rule of law (sort of) and there are repurcussions for just taking the money and running (sort of). In EvE where it would be perfectly within the rules for you to take the cash and leg it, the onus is on you to provide some form of assurance aside from “yeah mate i’m totally not like all the other banking scams”.

A bank loans money from you to use for investment purposes, and in return they pay you an interest rate based on how much you have lent them. Purely because you have your wages paid directly into this scheme does not make it any less a loan. That is how banks work, that is what you are asking for.

(CEO BankOfEvE) #10

A better, more productive reply and somewhet sensible.

I do have an account which is my main and yes I have an honest, honourable reputation to those who have come across me.

I will update the main thread in time to reflect this affiliation.

Thank you.

(Scipio Artelius) #11

Financial institutions in the real world are regulated.

EVE banks aren’t.

Your asking people to hand you ISK with no collateral. It’s nothing more than an uncollateralised loan and you are offering above rate interest, but nothing other than people should trust you.

Either you have the reputation for people to believe you, or you provide collateral against the loans.

Otherwise, like the many EvE banks before, its more likely than not, a scam.

(Teckos Pech) #12

Can we petition CCP to have CEO BankOfEVE’s name changed to Charles Ponzi?

Seriously this has Ponzi scheme written all over it.

Not just the rule of law, but also things like investors, reputation, and even the stream of profits they hope to earn. There have been a number of instances where banks were privately owned, and even issued their own paper notes and it was not unusual for these banks to actually be quite stable and reliable.

However, in studying these banks it quickly becomes apparent that they could never work in EVE. The first problem is trust. Building trust in game is very hard. It can be done, but it is not easy. Second, reputation effects are seriously undermined by the ease to shift ISK over to an alt and then biomass the scamming character (or not, keep them around to taunt one’s victims). Verifying investors is also problematic. For example, in this thread how come the OP has not set up an API that people can use to see what is going on? That would be one step towards building a reputation of openness and honesty. But even still, an alt account would still make things problematic. How can we know that the OP has shown us all of his APIs?

No, given the various limitations of the game there is no way for an in-game bank to work, IMO. Maybe I’m wrong and I have missed something, but posts like these are not going to end up leading to a robust and solid banking system let alone a solid and robust bank. Even if the OP starts out “honest” in the end it will turn into scam…and that is the best case scenario.

(CEO BankOfEvE) #13

It’s a game dude, a sandbox game, get over yourself.

However, it is an honest concept, like I said - no one is forced to enter, only those who do WILL benefit.

So stop, yall’s saltyness and get on with the game :slight_smile:

(Teckos Pech) #14

No saltiness…merely 9 years of watching this kind of thing again and again.

And yeah, it is a sandbox…which means I can post my views that you are nothing more than a common fraudster.

(yellow parasol) #15

As with every bank in EVE:

Get in early, get out soon enough not to get ripped off.

(yellow parasol) #16

The same argument is being used by scammers. You just bait people with a morw reasonable interest rate than 5% per week.

(Caldarian Bank Manager) #17

Why do I have the feeling, that this text wasnt written by yourself and you just copied the text of some other guy and changed some minor details?

(Nora Maldoran) #18

I wonder if any “customer” is already enjoying this service.

(StonerPhReaK) #19

Its hard to put trust in a financial establishment when they draft an opening proposal riddled with typo’s. Not to mention the meager 8.5% per month interest. Other banks have given 5% per week which equates to 20% over a month. 8.5% tells me your operation isn’t big enough to get me out of bed let alone excited enough to invest. And for those reasons. I’m out.

(Sorcerer Caine) #20

That is not correct, because you forgot to include interest on interest. It is more like 21,55 %.