[Service] Caldarian Nation Bank - 6.5% Interest

Hello everyone,

the Caldarian Nation Bank offers you to deposit your hard-earned ISK in our vault. You will get a interest of 6.5 % per month for every ISK that is atleast one full month (30 days) on your bank account. You can deposit any amount of ISK you want. This money will be used in many different projects including trading and loans.

Most of the money is invested in projects, but there is a safety deposit of 10% of the whole money the bank owns. This safety deposit is needed to make it possible for us to give you the ISK you want to withdraw from your account. If you want to withdraw huge amounts of ISK, it might be necesarry to PM me ingame first.
Since I don’t want to have many unnecesarry work every day, the ISK you need to withdraw is at least 10m ISK.

So how do you deposit ISK?
You create a private contract to me (Caldarian Bank Manager) with the ISK you want to deposit. I then will accept the contract and add an account for you, if you don’t have one yet. You can deposit any amount of ISK you want, but keep in mind that you need at least 10m ISK to withdraw from your account.

How do you withdraw your ISK?
You send me a PM or directly start a ingame conversation with me and tell me the exact amount you want to withdraw. I then will create a private contract with that amount. Keep in mind that I am running this bank on my own and that I got no help with the customer service, so it might take up to 24 hours until your withdrawal is handled by me.

Can you take a loan too?
After the inital phase of starting the business, there will also be a loan service.
I will then edit the thread.

If you have any questions, you can ask me per PM or if I am online, you can join the ingame channel “Caldari Bank Support”. I try to answer every request as fast as possible.

If you try to abuse my service, for example investing 100 times a day only 1 ISK, it might be possible that your bank account will be banned. In this case, all the money you have deposited, will be paid back to you.
You then arn’t allowed to deposit any more money.

Thank you very much for your time and good business.


u have a gallente background you traitor this isn’t a caldari bank

This is to reflect, that this bank accepts every capsuleer of every group out there in space.
It’s the Caldarian Nation Bank, but this does not mean, that the service is limited to Caldari Citizens only. This just means, that the Bank itself is located in the Caldari Nation.

i think the demonym of the caldari peoples is caldari.

To cut this short, why should one trust you (to not run with the money)?

I can see that there is a trust issue. The problem is, i cannot prove that I am trustworthy. So I can only recommend that you either only invest money that you are not afraid of loosing or that you don’t invest at all.

If it helps, I can lower the ammount needed to withdraw money until I got enough reputation to be seen a real bank.

Nobody can, that’s why traditional banks don’t work in EvE. Only a few people have mananged to be trusted third parties in EvE. But collaterized loans are a different thing.

The worst thing in trusting this bank is that we can only withdraw 100 milions. So, we invest ie. 99milions, and after a month he goes with our money. Fast earning with so less work.
Well, good scam anyway.

Like I said, if you guys think it is necesarry, I can lower the money needed to withdraw.
We can start with 10 Million. This 100 Million minimum was just set, because I was thinking of everyone wants to deposit and withdraw his 1k ISK every month and with a huge customer base, that would be quiet a lot of work for nearly nothing.

Edit: I now lowered the required amount needed to withdraw.

I never understood why anyone would think there’d be a market for those in EVE either (still don’t :confused:)?

If you have enough collateral to cover the loan that you aren’t going to want to use or need during the loan period there’s just no reason not to simply sell them & buy replacements when you’re done.

If you’re not in a rush to get the cash for the project you’ll probably make money doing that anyway (selling high then buying back low).

If you are in a rush chances are the hit you take selling low & buying back high won’t be any worse than the interest you’ll get charged for a loan.

So why would anyone go for a collateralized loan in EVE in the first place?

I think preferred collateral are illiquid things like researched blueprints, rigged / rare ships, or high volumes of stuff you can’t sell and recover later easily.

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Well that makes a little more sense :slight_smile:

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