Clarification on Plex/skill injectors scamming

So I read the article about the plex 4 good and tricking people into spending cash for plex. It’s still perfectly fine to trade window scam or contract scam people into spending stupid amounts of isk for plex or buying plex for super dirt cheap right?

Wholly in-game scams are still fine. Standard contract scams where you trick people into accepting a Contract where they lose PLEX or ISK in-game are still fine.

Tricking people into spending cash for PLEX scams involve things like telling your victim, “Hey, buy 110 PLEX for $4.99 and send them to me and you’ll get an invite to our corporation.”

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My take is that if you use the “PLEX for good” charity as part of your scam in any way, shape, or form, you will be getting a swift and immediate visit from the banhammer.

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In the past trying to convince people to use real world money to buy plex and then scam you out of that plex is reportable. Scamming people out of their plex isn’t bannable but that is an issue. Report it.

Same with plex for good. Like so many before it CCP had a zero tolerance policy for using the plex for good name to scam people out of isk or plex.

yep, as long as it is just your wallet with a thin veneer of deniability then you are an open target

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