Very interesting scam contracts that worth 180b

Many repeating customers, some even come back after days. Any idea how to make it work?

This is not a scam, this is RMT.


Make a similar-sounding character, with a similar contract, and post 40, 50 of them.

It may be RMT, but if you can prove youre just trying to make money off stupid RMTers, CCP may be lenient and only ban your account, and not your entire IP.

I don’t think CCP ever did IP ban players? Any source for that?

Just type in eve online ip ban in Google.

ok i did this, i spent about 100 billion isk and ive got a bunch of stasis grapplers now, and a nice fat stack of smartbombs

what’s the next step?

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Now you just fell for the scam muahhahahah

Explain how that would even work as RMT.

This is clearly a scam. The person probably posts those in local as 5mil fire sale or something.

Which 7 days old char has dozens of billions in their wallet and hits Darkoniz’s contracts all the time? It’s always very young chars that get his contracts. They launder the money they got from other sources via these contracts to make it harder to track the money. There is no way in hell that Darkoniz found the one new guy with almost 20B in their wallet called Valeri Captain and got her to accept 2 scam contracts within 1 minute. Or that equally young guy (at the time of the contracts) called Gren Makk that coincidentally has 43B in the wallet just to fall for the same scams 2 days in a row.

Valeri Captain gets ISK, Darkoniz sets up the contract, Valeri Captain accepts it, Darkoniz gets the ISK and then they do another transaction to return the ISK.

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Step 2. ???
Step 3. Profit.

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It can be rmt. The person sells isk to a third party, illegal site. Then he is instructed to accept a contract, and gets paid real life cash after he accepts the contract.

yup this man speakith the truth

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