We demand a Zero Tolerance Policy for malicious rookie scammers


Zero! Important: malicious.

I’m not talking about people who scam new players in Jita. They might not even know they’re scamming rookies. I’m also not talking about gankers, because gankers don’t make an effort of making billions out of them. I’m not talking about war deccers or bumpers. Rookies don’t have ■■■■ war deccers are interested in anyway and “teaching a lesson” isn’t a thing anymore anyway. Whatever!

I’m talking about those who deliberately farm new players to make ISK.

Like this guy:
@Naari_Naarian and alts.


There’s plenty more.
His posting history if full of bull ■■■■.

I don’t know if no one reported him or not.
I did actually petition this guy seven months ago!

It’s marked as “solved”, yet he’s still here!

I’ve actually thought this was being dealt with.
Apparently it didn’t.

Any player disagreeing on this topic, this one time, can ■■■■ right off.

Also, apparently CCP does not look for these kinds of players.

I understand that it’s probably hard knowing what to look for,
when you have a gigantic amount of data at your hands.

If you need “markers” to look for in your data,
these are a good start:

  • Corporations with unusually high corp tax with a constant influx of new players.
  • Corporations with an influx of new players with unusual transfers of ISK and/or items into the ownership of the CEO.
  • Players creating new corporations after their last one “died”, with said dead corporation being filled with young players who’ve stopped playing.

I’ve also tweeted this to CCP Hellmar himself,
because I was so ■■■■■■■ pissed, even after consideration I just couldn’t stop myself.

This Naarian guy, and everyone else who’s like him, needs to ■■■■■■■ go.

I’m going to make a huge ■■■■■■■ fuzz about this if you don’t address it.

This is not yet a warning.

I don’t want to be friendly here.
This guy is a real cancer and him being around
causes an unreasonable amount of anger in me.

Thank you.


And because I’m an idiot I’ve posted it in the wrong subforum.


Would you please do me the honour and move it to the Features subforum,
where it actually belongs?

Thank you.




I love you, man. :slight_smile:


100% support this…this guys is very bad for EVE.


I did in fact petition him, but forgot about that.

Been seven months. It’s marked as “Solved”.
Solve my ass, I guess.


Me, myself and :eye: approve of this product and or service.

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Thank you for a detailed description how corps in EVE Online work and how successful CEOs are … successful.

Asking for donations is a bit silly ofc. You get way more ISK when you don’t.

And I really mean it. The GMs are fine with this because that’s how it has always worked. Now please restrain our envy and don’t start a 3rd thread after this one has been locked.


I’ve covered people who disagree in my initial post,
so there’s no reason to quote Nicolai.

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Every mmo I have seen had that one corp/guild/clan/whatever that is basing itself on obligatory donations for everything mostly fueling it’s leader’s ego.

For my knowledge there is nothing in EULA forbidding such behaviour, therefore report was “solved” as in “investigation has concluded - no EULA breach”

Now one can consider wether or not such a thing should be bannable offence…

in most MMORPGs out there - probably.

in EvE… well this is not EvE way. You start banning corporations aimed at “helping” rookies that are scam schemes, and in couple next steps you ban all scams all together.

Would it make EvE a better game? To be honest - I don’t know. For sure it wouldn;t be EvE we all know anymore.


While you make great points, I think this person falls under the same category as the player that ganks new players in 1.0 systems just for fun…and that is frowned upon strongly by CCP.

frowned strongly is one thing, being actionable offence is another :confused:

Well it’s against the TOS/EULA

Attempting to abuse a new players lack of knowledge of the game and its mechanic for your personal gain or simply for their harm is prohibited in these solar systems. This includes, but is not limited to; tricking new players into situations where you or others may open fire on them freely or scamming ISK or assets from them.

But we’re entering a internet space lawyer zone so…I’ll back away…

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Actually I’ve sent CCP notice and captured proof of players who grief newbros running Career Agent missions in Career Agent systems. The guy continued doing the exact same thing for something like 9 more months.

Not sure if eventually CCP got around to doing something about it or the guy just quit from boredom.

But honestly Sol, unless you can point to some sort of game rule violation you’re S.o.L here. If you’re trying to get people removed on the basis of “but what they’re doing is bad for the game” then you’ll find CCP rather unresponsive.

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Well ok, if it’s in EULA, then appropriate punishment would be a way to go, assuming his behaviours really does fall under that one. And I am not so sure about that because “in these solar systems” would imply 1.0s only and he may not be conducting his schemes in those (loopholes ftw I guess)…

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All this falls under the law of ‘best intentions’…sadly…

Hope for the best, expect the worst.

Back when smaller scale wardecs were actually feasible we could take care of newbie traps like that so it wouldn’t get out of hand. But then CCP in their ultimate wisdom (and by that I mean cluelessness on the actual game) came along and changed stuff in dumb ways that made things far far worse while the true solution would have been simple, elegant and rather obvious.


Thank you for letting me know. Can you send me something I can use, via ingame mail?

Well that’s a tad broad. A lot of things are bad for the game.
People like Naari are definitely worse for the game.

He’s a complete package of asshole,
evidenced by pretty much all of his forum posts.

I see your point, but I think you and the other guy above are taking a leap too far.


I remember this. There also was a silent rookie corp police barely anyone knew about,
because there was no reason to know about them. They’re still active, as far as I know,
but I myself stopped doing it and I have no idea who else is still out there.

I think naari no longer plays. So maybe it was solved.

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He’s still posting though :frowning: