Deeply Disturbing Recruitment SCAM

I would like to open a subject I recently begin to hear pretty often from very New Pilots who join us …
It is deeply disturbing me… but this is EvE yes and all scams are ok and welcomed … this one too?

they are saying that a once prior corp they would like to join and reach out to them … asked from them some amount to plex must be given to them in order to accept their application to corp… 2 of these pilots were less than 1 day old… Another told me that they ask him to buy something very expensive for the corporation to join and since they don’t have isk they need to buy plex to do that …

I simply dont know how profit oriented corporations recruit New pilots… may be this application is all normal just i didnt heard before ?

Can someone elighten me please?

Also i do see pretty often that Corporations using CCPs free skill point service present it like something they are giving and use this to present some kind of advantage of joining their corporation…

this is extremely wrong … mis-conceptualization…


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Anyone asking for money/goods up front to join or apply to a corp is a scam. This applies to real life jobs as well.


Hi kelon ,
Of course i know its scam … my questions is more like does CCP ok with THIS spesific type of scam towards very very New pilots… Thats my concern … and also i would like to learn the right course of action in this cases … should we just turn our face and walk away or report or what?

My point is that even though it may suck for new players getting caught up in such a scam it doesn’t violate the rules. Rookie’s are only protected in rookie systems. If active recruiting is happening for these corps in rookie systems please report it, but outside of that there is nothing you can do except reach out and help educate new players or directing them to resources like the EVE Uni wiki page on scams.


Thanks for answer … Hope New pilots who visit this forum pages read this and get aware before it happens .I couldnt find out how can i make the posts title more informing about the content … any ideas ?

Also i think the one with using CCP services to boost their own numbers and even ask isk for the links is officially will not be tolerated by CCP regardless to they are in rookie system or not …

This thread talks about the using referral links and skill points. Using referral links is a perfectly fine way to recruit people under the right circumstances.

Don’t just hope, do something! This post is great, and if you see a rookie in local send them a link to it. Scammers and ill-doers can only take advantage of players who don’t understand the risks. The best way for players to start and continue playing is by being helped and educated by others.

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Those guys need to be reported. The’yre asking players to buy plex, and since they’re specifically targeting newbros, they’ might also be in violation of the rookie griefing guidelines that Kelon linked.

Also, anyone who intentionally targets newbros is a douchebag of the highest order.


Yes, why should anyone get a salary or benefits for at least the first couple of years of employment. It should be enough that they just have a job

You misunderstood what kelon stated. He’s referring to employers/corp asking for money or ISK from a potential capsuleer or employee to join their corp.


That’s hardly a new kind of scam OP. Unfortunately that’s been done for 17 years.

A five-second search will show anybody that is one of the oldest tricks in the books.

If someone can’t take a few seconds to inform themselves about a very common fundamental issue like that then they probably are not going to fare very well in EvE.

New players are not children, they are gamers simply learning a new game.

caveat emptor in life is much harsher than in a game, eh?

While you’re not totally wrong about children, there are some 18 and younger that do join the game so in essence there are some children that are playing not much but there are a few. Even then the ones under 18 should really be speaking with their parents if they’re buying plex or anything else

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I tend to agree here. This seems a fairly clear cut case of a scam that breaks what is pretty clear guidance.

Again I tend to agree.

Given that newbies get a (limited) period of invulnerability (in rookie systems only apparently, and for 30 days) when they create an account, then surely people shouldn’t be able to scam them during this time either? It seems only fair otherwise it’s too easy to exploit their lack of knowledge like these guys are.

Either way, the scammers have successfully managed to register somewhere between dismal, reprehensible and contemptible on my Richter scale of human behaviour.

< sigh >



If one can’t handle going into the deep end of the pool, the solution is for them not to go into the deep end of the pool. The solution is not to make the whole pool as shallow as the shallowest part of the kids’ zone, require everyone to wear water wings, and have a Lifeguard with every person at all times.

Technically speaking, you’re not allowed to play if you’re under 13: EVE Online - Terms of Service

  1. If you are between 13 and 18 years of age, you must have the permission of your parent or guardian to before providing the personal information required to create an EVE Online game or website account.

  2. In compliance with The Children’s Online Privacy Act of April, 2000, we cannot provide subscriptions to individuals under the age of 13. If you are under the age of 13, you may not create an EVE Online account and you are not eligible to enter contests or promotions.

Having said this, I suspect that this is possibly a naive assumption to make. I’m sure that there are one or two cool kids out there who are younger.

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But probably having one watching what is going on is a good idea, IMHO.

I am on watch!

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Before all the changes that made high sec safer, which they really didn’t, us nasty PvP assholes could and would wardec such terrible corps.

Engaging with those newbies, talking to them (generally when they got station camped) and explaining to them that they really should be looking for a better corp.

But alas, these days terrible newbie traps like this can exist and grow, sucking in more and more newbies, without restrictions.

OP: please feel free to drop some names, preferably via evemail.


You forgot to capitalise “ THE ASSHOLES “… (regarding and respecting to yesterdays rookie quotes.)

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