New player scamming - mass invite spammers

I see there are some rather determined individuals mass spamming newbies with corp invites - the senders are sent to doomheim almost immediately, and the corps they advertise also disappear quickly - I assume after ripping off some newbies through corp taxation…

Can CCP do something about this? I can’t imagine it’s going to be a positive experience for new players

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I don’t support CCP adding more restrictions in the game but this is one area they really need to smarten-up on and crackdown on predatory corps that target new players.


CSPA charge set to 1m (or higher if they allowed it) or complete block


I have noticed that some groups have a culture of exploiting new bros.

I was correcting some standings for my alpha in a caldari noob system. Some guy had bought up almost every limited ocular filter in the region and relisted it at over 500% it’s usual price and then spammed local about what a great deal it was.

Surprise surprise it was SICO.


:point_up_2: this

One idea worth considering that wouldn’t hurt and would not change mechanics but would increase visibility of potential problems for newbies would be to change the dialog box of corp invitations/application when the corp in question is at war - make it more visually apparent that the corp is at war (ie. so you don’t have to open up the corp window and read the fine print) so newbies can think twice before joining.

:crossed_swords: Notice: This corporation is currently at war! :crossed_swords:
<Brief description of potential implifications>

Yeah that might have beem useful during the whole icanp debacle.

It appears on corp adverts. But if the corp are spamming invites, the new recruit will never see it.


Best solution is to turn on friendly fire.

All corps that have more than X number of players cannot have friendly fire off. Id set that at 20.


Set the mail charge to max.

At least make them pay for their annoyance.

–Gadget charges for her time

You mean like all nullsec groups?

How does this solve the issue? All this does is once again open up awoxing. Why don’t you learn to PvP? Then you won’t need things like this.

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Good question. Since CCP removed all tools for players to deal with such corps it should now be up to them to go after those leeches.


Let me do a wild guess: Silent Company?


“Waah, CCP made it harder for me to constantly attack noobs so I’m going to bring it up in every thread”.

Cry moar.

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corp invite scam is a institution in eve

Them: “it would be nice if players still had the tools to attack and shut down these assholes that are preying on newbies”.


I swear, you’re worse than Naari/Nooori/whatever alt it’s using now.

Because if you mass invite anyone who is willing to join you will invite people who want to kill you and have the means to do so, not just clueless newbies to prey on.


SiCo disappeared after inviting me?!? Why didn’t I get a notice that my corp dissolved??


Nope. And it’s a fact that Karak is one of the group that runs around whining about the war changes. The reality is that these groups existed before the war changes too, so the implication that wars were the mechanism to deal with them beforehand was at best a complete and utter lie.

Maybe you and Karak are one and the same since you both spend all your time whining and you both lie constantly when challenged.

But the characters doing the mass inviting in spam and scam corps are usually alts so I imagine they don’t care if you try to kill them. Really sol just wants it changed because he’s mad that SiCo are too big for him to challenge in any meaningful way.

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With CCP encouraging everyone everywhere to join to this sponge corps I don’t think they will do anything.

Lack of knowledge is not CCP problem. It’s part of learning curve.

“Noobs” aren’t the ones dropping fat loot and paying out thicc ransoms. Get out of here with that carebear chop logic. No one’s paying war fees to attack day-olds in Velators.


They still try. They still predominantly target fields of easy targets rather than competent targets that can fight back because that allows them to pad their killboards. CCP watched retention drop off of a cliff after mass wardecs and brought in the war changes to try to correct it and to an extent they’ve succeeded, but ultimately the problem has always been one of target selection.

The vast majority of war groups are predominantly poor PvPers that couldn’t handle a balanced fight and so they select the weakest targets and that’s newer, less experienced players or null groups so they can pick off stragglers autopiloting through highsec. If they wardecced a half-decent PvP corp they’d get their backsides handed to them.

I had this discussion with a member of one of them a while back and suggested that if they want better combat that they target corps who actually want to defend their structures and gave them a list, and they were pretty much blue with all of them. :rofl: :rofl:

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Why are you playing EVE at all if you hate one-sided PvP so much? Players picking targets they know they can kill and refusing your idea of “honorable PvP” has been EVE’s default since the day it was launched.