Popup window that warns new players who leave starter corp

Referring to this thread , there are corporations that mass spam new players with invites to join their ranks, just to milk them.

A layer to hopefully protect a new player to join such a rogue corporation, could be a notification window that pops up as soon as the player wants to leave the starter corporation and that warns him that he’s now on his own.

It’s just a one time popup and everybody should be warned enough and happy afterwards.

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Don’t they get that when they accept the invite to join their new corp?

As much as I hate recruitment spam, is pushing people away from joining a corp what we want to do?

@Kyra_Lee Honestly, I don’t remember. If something similar is already there, it’s totally fine for me.

@Dark_Lord_Trump Haha, yeah that’s a good point. This popup should not be scary, or annoying. It should still encourage players to join others.

Given that you can always return to an NPC corp, which for all intents and purposes is equivalent to the starter corp (though not the starter corp itself), this is not necessary since it is always there to provide a “safe home corp” free of potential player ■■■■■■■■. (Though really, if you want to lone wolf for whatever obscure reason in an MMO, you could always create your own tax haven corp.)

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