I know its eve an how the game works but



my brother an i have been playign for about 7 months … an this person from this corpo has been talking to use for about 3 of them months tryign to get my brother to join there corpo, they played the long the game an lured him out an destroyed him an promised to help him an teach him the ropes. looking at there kill history i believe they do this to many new players praying on them. so hopefully this is warning to other new players.

an if there are some veterans that patrol the board an are intrested in a bounty. we dont have much but would be willing to pay every isk we got if you wanna remove them for the sport of it.

good luck out there

Don’t put piñatas in lowsec space. People generally applaud “good catches”, so keep your funds, move on and learn from it. Social engineering is a thing in EvE, but the good thing, it’s up to you how much you risk on promises.

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He deserved it.

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Well, to be fair, they did teach you two multiple lessons. I hope you got 3+ billion ISK worth of lessons out of the ship loss.

Sorry to hear your brother was deceived and lost an expensive battleship!

Luckily in EVE most losses are lessons that can make you a better player.

In this case you know that these players do this more often:

… which is true, because as you have seen in their kill history they have more often ‘AWOXed’ people in the same corporation:

AWOXing, named after the infamous player Awox who killed people in their own corporation, is generally a red flag if you’re looking for a new corporation.

It either means that the corporation has spies that tackle blues for easy kills for enemy corporations, like for example the White Sky. alliance that has a suspicious high amount of kills on ships in your brother’s corporation. Initially, I would suspect that they may perhaps use blue spies.

It can also mean that the corporation is a fake.

Now if you look further through the killboard of Pandemic Citizens Federation Reloaded Pls Ignore., which is a name which seems to be a funny play on a few existing corporations which hints to me that it may be a fake corporation made to draw newbies, you can see that many of the expensive losses have a common player name on them:


Funny enough, two of the oldest characters in your brother’s corporation have the names ‘LedinX’ and ‘Ledan2’ which is suspiciously close to the top killer of ships of your corporation.

This suggests to me that they’re not blue scouts, but part of a fake corporation.

In fact, both Ledan2 and Iedan are present on multiple kills on ships of Ledan2’s corporation.

I’m convinced that this Iedan and maybe some friends have their own unaffiliated alt corporation, where he apparently recruits people who he then talks into expensive ships, to get easy kills.

Often he doesn’t even need to use his blue scout alts for tackle, but can simply kill the people he lured legitimately without the use of characters in the victim’s corporation:

All of this is visible on evewho and zkillboard, and from your post I see you have noticed this pattern as well.

Next time you join a corporation, look for red flags like these before joining!

Fly safe!


Note: He’s actually a fairly chill guy and treats the term as continuing character assassination started by Mittens. Feel free to ask him about it sometime.


7 months isnt really a new player.

Hard lesson to learn, but we all learn it the hard way one way or another. I lost a drake navy issue back in the day to suspect baiters. Now that i look back, all i remember is, fun times. You and your brother will eventually look back and say to yourself, “Man, fun times.”

This is very typical behavior for most PvP games. Not very sportsman of them. Many corps will scam you on many levels. They use everything from high taxes on missions and LP to preying on those seeking help and abusing their needs.

Golden rule is, Never fly what you can’t afford to lose.

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This stinks.

Killboard definitely tells a different tale.

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That’s an understatement :smiley: