Why newbrows should not join a non NPC corporation

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TL;DR: A newbro is exposed to corporation and alliance wars, making him or her fair game for pirates (always at war) to kill them before they experience PvE, know how to play or have enough ISK to withstand the lost.

I read somewhere that CCP is trying to get newbrows to join fleets as soon as possible. It makes sense. A newbro can make friends and enjoy massive battles, one of the most rewarding experiences in the game and he won’t have enough ISK to buy the monthly subscription fee with PLEX, so he will pay it with real money (what CCP wants). It sounds like a good idea to join a corporation and start socially engaging with them, hoping to fight for them in the future, when s/he is prepared for it.
The problem is that some pirates declare war on EVERY corporation and that makes “fair game” to shoot at the newbro, even in 1.0 space. If the newbro wants to join the corporation in PvP, excellent. But if he wants to do some PvE content first or actually build some ISK to buy ships, in industry or exploration, it will be at constant risk.

As an example. There are some P I R A T guys that hang outside of Amarr stations, just waiting for some flashies to appear. Since they are at war with everybody, they all appear as flashies. It means that the market is closed to newbrows, as they won’t be able to hold against them.

That happened to me. My only character is three days old an I just joined a corporation with a lot of smart and nice people, but I died at Amarr at the hands of a P I R A T guy and I’m going to leave my corp so I can make PvE content (like the Sisters of Eve missions, which I read is epic) AND sell my wares in some stations. Yes, I do know that you’re never safe in EVE, but there’s a bit of a difference on dying always when you reach a station and “perhaps” not dying. I’m so poor that probably the pirate ship costs more than all my ship and cargo combined and that could be a deterrent.

So, just NPC corporations for newbros and leave non-npc corporations as end game, which is a shame and a contradiction on what CCP wants, really. Unless PvE corporations (which cannot declare war or war be declared on them) be created.

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That doesn’t quite make sense. Somebody always pays real money for the PLEX, whether it’s you or them actually using it. CCP gets paid regardless.

Also, on your overall point. I joined a player corp the day I joined, and was down in null-sec that same day. Flying around in frigates in fleet fights, not knowing what the hell I was doing but loving every second of it.

If your corp is leaving you vulnerable in high-sec, not helping the 3-day old char replace his losses or teaching him how to actually deal with being at war, the you’re in a crappy corp and should probably try another one.

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The problem in that situation isn’t a new player joining a player corp.

The problem is the player Corps that have CEOs with no clue how to help their members.

Many Corps/Alliances are permanently wardecced (eg. Eve Uni, Brave Newbies, Karmafleet, Pandemic Horde and others), yet their members operate fine, even in highsec.

So no, new players can join corporations just fine. Unfortunately there are too many poor CEOs just taking advantage of their new players, without the skill and knowledge to properly guide and assist them.

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Well this is super interesting

So the corp you joined is actually mine, I find the irony in that this a perfect way to explain to new players exactly what not to do when you first start playing but for the total opposite reason you have stated

Everyone that has joined thus far has been told quite clearly that high sec wars mean you can be killed. Go to a clone station (you’re likely already in one) remote set your pod to our home station self destruct. when you arrive we will provide you a skill book pack, your first ships to rat and mine with and a wealth of support to get you going in eve.

I’m glad to see that we’ve found the “there’s always one” who joined in the last week :joy:.

Good luck with your endeavour in highsec and hopefully in future you will take heed of the advice you are given by those trying to immediately enhance your gameplay as a new bean :wink:

CEO Cloaked goof

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So the corp you joined is actually mine

Awkward :rofl:

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Its to get them socially connected, make friends and direction. Getting them connected so they will have a reason to stay with the game, help with player retention.

Not force them into fights that they can’t handle. That’s the Corp you joined.

When I first started in a noob system, I got to talking to talking to a fellow miner in local and later me and him moved together and started our own mining no tax Corp together.

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How do you check the corps they are in here in the forum, I miss it being with our names? I been trying to figure that out since the new forum started, or am I just missing something painfully obvious…

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Thanks a lot! The thing is, when I joined, I clearly stated that I wanted to see the PvE content first. Complete missions, get wealthy and see what the world was like. I was told that there was a “high sec division” on the corp but the moment I joined, I was pushed to go null sec. So, we had “creative differences” :smile:. When I’m done with them, I would gladly join the corp if you take me back.

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No, it’s not. When I sent my resignation letter (Everybody does that here, right? :smile:) I also sent the link to this post.

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Just agree, community in EvE is great and everyone is an arsehole.

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