New Player Corps

Does the ability to create a corp help or hurt new players?

Neither, if you ask me.

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Can do both and I’d wager that it’s often for the worse. Sure you can end up in crap corps but generally anything that might show a newbie new stuff, new play styles, new ships and any sort of teamwork or interaction is better than sitting in his own corp, by himself. Being in your own corp is a great way to shield yourself from player interaction, which is where EVE shines.

A newbie creating a corp to invite other newbies is the blind leading the blind.

First of all, someone who wants to lead even though he lacks any sort of knowledge on the game leads for the wrong reasons; he leads because he wants to lead, not because he wants to help or create a good group. People who want to lead are by default the worst leaders.

Secondly the newbies who join aren’t helped at all because they’re not getting the guidance and knowledge one would hope and/or expect to get from a corp. A good leader would never allow for that, which brings us back to point 1.

In short, don’t create your own, join a decent one that’s actually going places.

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Obviously it will be both depending on the person, but I’d lean towards the ‘good’ for one reason: having the option there means a new player is more likely to start asking questions about and looking into the whole notion of player corps. So it’s a learning spur.

Some will sit alone in their own corp, some will join another corp, some will get scammed into a crap corp, some will do research and end up in a decent corp. Some may blow the whole thing off and stay in their starter/newbie corp, but at least they will have become aware there are options out there.

Ask Marmite and their 750 wardecs…

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Marmite blanket dec and rarely fly further than 15 jumps! As such most of the wardecs have zero kills and are never chased. Opportunistic war deccing!

That’s a direct result from CCP’s changes to the buddy list. It also helps that corps don’t teach their players how to deal with these problems, or at the very least screen better so you don’t have such players in your corp.


Helps, yeah for tax evasion !

Also, who cares if somebody that is absolutely clueless starts a corporation, I promise you lessons will be learned and really if someone rage quits because some doofus makes a corp and it promptly caves then they probably were not EVE players anyways since EVE requires a thick skin, sense of resilience and a try again attitude.

That’s not easy to answer.
My take is, it helps and hurts as much like the ability to loose everything if you are not cautious.

EVE is a game of risk and reward, a game of action and reaction.

Creating a corporation has benefits, but can also hurt you.
It’s the players choice…

Yeah, that doesn’t answer your question at all, sorry o7

It hurts, but only for the reason that CCP has made it an “all in or all out” proposition.

If they had a corporation tier system tied into availability to be wardecced,ability to have corp structures, cost to be wardecced, etc, then CCP could generate a graduated system where a player and his group could work their way up the tier ladders as their experience/abilities/knowledge grew.

Now it’s an either “sink or swim” with too many players’ corps being swamped by blanket wardecs and leaving the game.

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Depends on who’s creating the corp.

The status quo is that everyone can create a corp, which means that corps have zero value. Worse, whenever CEOs stop playing there’s a potentially good name locked down potentially forever

Allowing every little shitter out there to create a corporation, while he has no clue about how to operate them, deal with them or about the responsibilities involved is not actually good for the structure of society.

The creation of corporations should be way more expensive, to make sure that people have a few months under their belts and know what they’re going to have to deal with. It’s a prime example of unrestricted freedom only leading into chaos.

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Typical CCP denial. :wink:

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Great responses, I see very few actual reasons that it would help a new player to create a corp?

Read what I stated, I said it for a REASON :slight_smile:

It is not denial, it’s just a fact that the ability for new players to create a corp does not help or hurt them in any way. Learning how to manage a corp, or just to be in one, for starters takes time and they are better off learning the other basic stuff first so that they may get a greater understanding of the possibilities and consequences there is/can be by being in (or creating) a corp.

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New player freedom looks good on paper but in practice often leads to poor experiences.

Not only is new players creating corps and inviting other new players resulting in a situation of blind leading the blind. But it makes it harder for new players to find experienced and established corps.

The advert finder could do more to differentiate corps. And the options to show which times the corp is active and what activities it includes are almost always a lie.

I’d be happier about the new players starting corps situation if it wasn’t so easy for them to lie to other players.

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So everynow and then, a dev, streamer or other celebrity personality start a new character and try to anonymously try out the game from a new player perspective. What they usually do is join a big null group, or try solo pvp in low sec.

Has anyone tried to start a new character and find a good-fun yet small corp in hi-sec without joining big names like eve uni or rvb?

Considering this is the experience of the majority of our new players, i just thought it might be an interesting exercise.

whoosh :rofl:

I was kidding you.

A few years ago I did spend some time (on a different character) looking through the corp adverts but I ran into this problem:

I have no doubt there are good hi sec corps out there but sorting out the chaff takes some work.

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