Shouldnt the Bar be raised to create corporations?

Anyone feel like with the new Wardec changes, shouldnt we raise the requirements and cost of creating new corporations?

Should be a minimum of corporation management 5 and 500 mill to 1 bill isk to make a new corp.

We need to make the bar higher with the introduction of zero accountability with regards to tax-haven corps.


Seems to much like trying to “force” people to play the way you want them to.


You do understand that the changes to wardesc were meant to offer incentives to players who were hiding in NPC corps to come together in social corps and interact more with one another. Aftert all, social interaction is at the heart of every MMO.
Making it harder and more costly for them to do so would kind of defeat the purpose of the changes, making them invalid in part.


You have not thought out what you posted and that is just dumb!


Youre mistaking joining a corporation and creating a corporation. Those are two different things.

No, it costs nothing for me to join a corporation, and nowhere did i mention that we should make people pay for joining corporations. I could join Pandemic Horde right now and it wouldnt cost me a single ISK.

Increasing the bar for creating corporations, doesnt affect new players who want to join a corporation and experience the social aspects of it. But the problem with wardecs only affecting corporations who own structures, is that there is no differentiation between an NPC corp and a tax-free corp that owns any structures. It was either set the corp tax as zero but risk getting wardecced, or have a set tax fee but be free of wardecs in an NPC corp. With this change, there is no difference.

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What a convincing argument. I think you can run for president one day.


How so.

And your opinion has what credibility to even be taken as an opinion?

If this is your source then again you need to rethink

No HS credibility regarding war decs at all!

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I’m sorry, that’s just such a backwards solution. That would deter people from starting new corporations (which IS the intended purpose of the wardec changes). If it costs heaps of money to start a corporation, compared with no cost to join one, that wouldn’t support the creation of new groups of people, with their own identities and stories and interactions. Your solution, whichever way you put it, works against the goal of creating more diversity in the community, by putting a ludicrous price tag on social interaction.


I feel like I’ve failed at Eve because I’ve never had my killboard brought into question :frowning:

Okay here’s my opinion: blahbiddy blah bla blah!!


I guess my only question is why? Why make it more expensive? Maybe to change tax rates you have to have a structure up? :open_mouth: I think the game is already too saturated with corporations so I can kinda see your point to making them more expensive and more exclusive to create… try being a free agent one time you will have a zillion recruiters to one recruit


I remember it cost ISK to join the goons. What do they charge now?

Well, they scammed ISK from those who didn’t know better.

It was a 100 mil back in 2k6, plus free movement of your stuff, which you never saw again, and you would need some “collection” agency to get the 100 mil. Heh, good luck with that. :wink:

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I think in the past this might have made sense to stop newbs from starting a corp and not realizing what it meant, getting hit with a wardec, and quitting after losing a bunch of stuff, or just logging out and never coming back. Heard that story about some new players wanting to start playing with some friends starting a corp and nearly everyone quits after the first war.

now eh whatever, don’t think it’s really needed.

Yes, it is my opinion. Congratulations, youve graduated 2nd grade and realize the difference between fact and opinion.

The difference between yours and mine is that i actually laid out my reasoning for having my opinion.

I never offered that up as a source, so i have no idea why you think thats relevant.


No, thats not at all the purpose of the wardec changes. In the recent devblog, we can see what they were:

“The key goal of this first round of changes is to give player groups more control over their exposure to formal war declarations… …As much as possible we want to avoid having the game’s systems push players into situations where avoiding social interaction in NPC corps or logging off for a week are optimal choices.”

And yet, this is something that would happen whether you created a new corp for yourself, or joined an existing hisec corporation.

Are you kidding me? Do you know how many corporations already exist? How many are dead? It doesnt do us any good and doesnt advance social interaction for 10 players to create 5 corporations with 2 players in each corp, while the CEO has no idea how to run it and ends up closing because no one is online anymore.

Are you honestly going to tell me that a larger, established corporation will have a higher likelihood of staying relevant, staying active, and actively engaging and supporting a new player, than a brand new corporation made by a guy who started playing eve 20 days ago?

If there is an increase in tax rate, im fine with that too, in lieu of making it more expensive.

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Sorry, not “higher”, but “lower”.

I feel like a finance plan with a down payment with low weekly payments.

So: 50,000 isk down, 50,000 isk a week for 50 weeks. Like tote your notes. (Based on the Jon Kawasaki Triple 50 Plan / 50-50-50)

What you actually want is benefits linked to actual CEO skills and interaction in the game. We have CEO skills but they aren’t actually tied to the CEO but just whoever last pressed a button.
Some nice but not compulsory to compete benefits, better bonuses on high sec structures making them more worth the risk, and some actual CEO/corp game mechanics that make active CEOs able to get benefits somehow, and you now have good corps.

This then sets a level of expectations on CEOs which prevents a lot of those dead corps forming by natural mechanics because they know they cant meet expectations rather than an arbitrary farm isk for 50 hours barrier.

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