Corparation/Allience And Newbiess

I started game and 5 corparation invited me in 1 hour.
I noticeted they ■■■■■■ loyality and deleted my character.
I started again.10-20 corparation invveted me.I told them
ı will not join.
Few days later ı joined one.They scamed me.
I quit ı joined another.They scammed me.I quit
and joined and they scammed me.
Now ı am deleting or blocking all invites.
So what are you trying too do in game?
Any newbiie after few day can understood all corparations bad.
I replyed mails ı wil not join stop sending me mails.
They always inviting me.
I dont like you,your copatarions,alience.I dont wana talk,play,be friend
with you.You are not worty for be my friend .I can be fiends only good persons.
EVE dont have any.
Stop sending me invite.I am not stupid.Find another person for your scams
or trolings.I am not talking in nwbie chat whic is you using for hunt newbies
or your hacks.I am not asking anyone helping me.


so you got a bad experience and suddenly all corporations are bad? cant tell if trollin or just a crybaby.

your first mistake was joining a corp when having just started in the game. more so when paying attention to mails and ads in help chat. one should look for a corp when the time is right, not jump into one at the first week and without researching about them before sending the invite.

grow up or play a single player game, it seems online gaming isnt made for you.

There are many good people in EvE. Sorry you had a bad experience. How to find the corp that is right for you

As @Aetrid mentioned, there are some good corps and players in EVE that overall do want to help newbro’s get accustomed to the perils of EVE. 1 will be in contact with you shortly.

Think of it like taking a job with a real life corporation. If you’re brand new to the field with no reputation, and no friends in the field, people aren’t going to reach out to you with job offers out of the blue. If they do, they’re most likely not going to be people you want to work for anyhow. Generally, you’re going to have to find a group that suits you, and apply to them - just like real life.

Later on, once you’ve gotten some connections, you might have people trying to “headhunt” you but by then you’ll know enough not to get screwed over in the process.

I call ■■■■■■■■, this is obviously someone trying to troll.

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Perhaps. But getting into a corporation that’s well established is difficult. There are so many scams no one trusts. It sucks for veterans and new people alike.

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No there is no good person in eve.
You can sell your mom for 1 m in eve.
I am sure about it.
I was tranfering my ships an ı was flyying with pod.
Someone kiled me in highsec.Its fine but after that he mailed me.
He told me ı was afk in space and acording the eve rules ı must
pay him 10 m or ı wil have ban.
I told him ffffffffffff.I blocked him.
I gat invites from many difrent corp.I am not talking
in any chat.I am not going jita or crowded places.
But some how corp know my nick and inviting.
If you offer me 100 bilion my answer is no.
I never join for anyting in any corp.I prefer
die all time and stay nobest player in eve history instead of entering one of your corps.
I never ask anyting in newbie chat becouse
you lying,lerning newbies nicks,hunting for
corp membership,troling.
EVE dont have have any good person.
This most dangerous player cominity ever
I saw in any game.
Perverts,racists,puritans,extreme nationalist,trols.Every kind of bad players
in eve.
50 year old guy trying to friend with 15 year
old girls.
So I started swear all mails.If you mail me I say fffffff and block.I wana play game only.I dont care
how big your corp or how much money you give me.You trying to create slaves with your
money whic is imposible for you do to me.
I never let anyone control me for anayting.
If you offer me ısk I cant imagine ern for 100
year ı wil say fffffffffff.NO.
Some peoples like me cant buy with your money and some peoples like me never
turust again if have some bad experiences
So eve players.
MMORP menas play with others but in eve
for me just alone playing.If i die ı start again.
If you mail me ı swear and block.
I never sweared before in any game.You can ask.
Becouse you dont understood when ı told you stop sending me mail ı will not join and sending 20 time again mail.
I just hate your cominty and players but love game.
Yes everyone bad for me and I never chance
my mind.

This is how you play eve and player types im eve.
My first days in eve I did not know anyting.
I lerned everyting in 2 week.
I never scam anyone in game.
I play games for fun.I played many games you role play like eve.
Eve difrent.I lerned any player in eve dangerius and I need to keep away from them.
There is no one except me have honor,obeying unwirited puplic rules and not evil.
I dont wana turn a person like you.Kiling ships,gangs,pvp funny.
I know you must be smart for successful in eve.
Many real life threats in EVE to.You creating drama,real life threats on game.
I thing ı can eazly say.Yoou are worthless, dishonorable,shameless.
You do not know the difference between right and wrong.I am the only person
right.All eve evil.

0/10 obvious and poor quality troll.

Ye sure ı am troling.
You dont have self respect and honor in game just for ISK.
Games , specialy MMOPRG games made for play team mates,guilds,partys.
PVP part of it but betrayal and scam your team mates unacceptable.
You cant turust anyone in eve they can do anyting for few ISK.

This is my alt account and ı have difrent acocunts to for lern
game and use same time.
I have 4 pc in my home.I never worked or need to work.I have
everyting and I AM RICH.I can be richest player in eve history.

I made plan for control eve secretly and you cant find out.
1 year from now.You will lern what ı can do aganist evil.

I am buying 30 bilion ISK worth plex everyday.I will buy
90 trilion ISK worth plex just before detroy eve econmy
and all big 4 markets.

All factions,crop ar alliences evil.I wil destroy all of you
and control eve.You cant buy me with money ı am richest
you cant win fight aganist me.I wil start my atck when
only 3.000 player online.I wil destroy everyting.
I started make secret organization and renting soldiers too.
You alredy died but just for your notice about when everyting
start.You will se someone will take over higest skilled players list
with 5 account after you saw 5 account belongs to me.Its
begining of war but you will late.
I can do anyting with money in eve.I have spys,army and
keep growing.
See you lter dead players.
Dont forget always good win.Evil always lost wars.

There’s no way this isn’t trolling. None of my NPC corp alts ever get invites…:disappointed_relieved:

They will get constant invites if they are in the Rookie Chat

There is no good person in EVE, you say.

You are in EVE, therefore …
… are you not a good person …
… and this thread and your hate proves it.

Anyone else notice how the bashing on us keeps increasing?

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Propaganda is everywhere

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And very often it’s people who seriously struggle with spelling.
Saw that other thread about wardeccing newbie corps?

That guy’s just as much full of ■■■■ and the ISD don’t do anything at all.

Propaganda alts everywhere, despite them being completely useless. There is nothing to influence anymore and CCP doesn’t give a rats ass about what some whiners think on their forums anyway. Either these people don’t know that, or they think they’re somehow special influencers, or they’re really just doing it because there’s masses of easily manipulatable idiots around here.

you can afford a mining permit now


@ISD_Buldath This is similar to the other topic that you closed. (same player possibly)