Which Corporation should i join?

I completed all of the Career agents in the “suggested” and now i have nothing to do, i’m thinking about joining a Corporation.

I’ve heard about some noob-friendly corporation being a big fat scam.

I got an invitation from “Incompetent and Proud” however, I’m too shy to join this Corporation, as it might be a scam that will destroy/steal my ships!


Eve uni is a good starting point. A corp that will help teach you the game.


I cant find EVE Union in corporation search, I’ve been LITERALLY staying in a station, doing nothing but looking for a good Corporation for HOURS.



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“Eve Uni” is Eve University.

A good bunch of heretics.
Their wiki and ship database is my normal first point of reference and one of the best guides to Eve. They have groups involved in all aspects of live in New Eden and a good support structure for new players.

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I’m more of a PVP/PVE pilot, i sometimes mine though.

But now, all i do is just sit in an NPC Corporation’s station and do nothing for hours but think about which corp i should join. I’m bored, I only have nearly 800K, my ships are unused, i’m too shy to even bother joining a Corporation because i might get scammed or be destroyed out of everything.

I might just stop playing this game all together, Only managed to get up to Cruiser-class…

I just can’t find the proper Corporation.


The biggest question here might be: What are you looking for in a corporation? You’ve not really given us a lot to go on here so far. Meanwhile, try some of the security agent missions, go exploring - wander into a few wormholes and have a poke around, try the Sisters Epic Arc. Get out of the station and see what you enjoy.

Most corporations are pretty decent, the scammers are rare. Try a few. Keep some ships back in a safe station, only fully commit when you are happy with the group you have found.


If you are still shopping around, I can personally recommend SEADC.

They are a core member of the SiCO Alliance. You can see their basic offerings here-

I will dig up an in-game link directly to SEADC if you are interested.

They have a station in WormHole space for advanced pilots and a station in HighSec for new pilots.

You dont need to worry about high security corporations scamming you to much. Corporations cant really scam members very easily. The most common way for this to happen from corporations to players is to kill their ships, and in high sec if the corporation does not have “friendly fire” enabled (viewable in corporate info) then cant kill you with out dying.

Another point is the type of corporation you join as most pve corps dont have the character to this, so that pretty much limits these actions to pirate,low sec corps.

in truth eve is a pvp game but you shouldent have to worry to much about losing assets, just dont contract with out collateral or give people your stuff to “hold” for any period of time unless you are sure you can trust them ( and i would advise against it if it will hurt you financially if they do steal).

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