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I’ve been on a few mmos where you can block player group invitations and wish there was a feature here in EVE Online. I’ve been in two corporations already and none worked out for me so I’m beginning to think I’m a lone wolf kinda guy (still iike mission fleets though) but I still get random corporation invites in my notifies and receivie mailing list data-scraped out of local and Rookiechat.

I could slap a CSPA on the mail but that won’t stop the corp invites.

Maybe we can add that feature in?


There’s no impetus to action them in any way. It’s like the work WhatsApp group. Mute and turn off notifications.

I don’t have that app so I don’t know what you are talking about.

Turning off notifications won’t help because it doesn’t address the problem of getting rid of the clutter of invites in the corp queue. I get between two and three of these things a day and while I’m sure it will go away the longer I’m here (cos I won’t be new at some point), it’s a pain now to clean out before I do anything else. Other mmos have that feature so I think it would be a good feature here.

I would like to spare other noobs the hassle I have right now.

More likely that they weren’t a good fit or were two of the many garbage corps that populate the game thanks to bad Dev decisions. My suggestion is to keep an eye out for a group that will suit you better.

CCP should really do something about these awful corps and invite spamming. But really, all they need to do is un-nerf wardecs and bring back AWOXing. The players would sort this problem out themselves over night, with a ton of content to boot.

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@Daichi_Yamato They recently changed it so places like sico cant mass email. The leader even said he’d let sico die. Doubtful

Oh hehe, just seen you responded in that thread. Im shutting up lol

Aye, stopping mail spam is a start. So was getting stricter on adverts. But there’s more to be done.


It’s a tough search. Most corps want me to relocate 30 or 40 jumps away from where I meet up with new friends I made, or head out of highsec. I found that out during the first corp. The second corp I left because one yelled (okay he typed in all caps in chat which is shouting) because I told him my mike was broken in discord.

I’m okay with doing corp events but I shouldn’t have to turn my in-game life on its ear to make my corporation happy.

I learned a new in-game term today. Since joining I learned EVE has a lot of terms not used in other mmos.

It does take a bit of patience and effort. The advert system leaves a lot to be desired, I thought it was a good start but I was expecting it to become more.

If you want an idea what corps operate near you (and are somewhat active), have a look at the local structures (even structures that aren’t public show up on d-dcan), look at offices in stations or just look at people’s info in local.

Groups will often advertise on their main info page or provide a public chat channel that you can join a strike up a conversation.

Have a look at people’s killboards as well. Even losses, as long as they are recent, suggest corp members undock at least once in a while and where they were when they died.

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